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15:49:22 03/11/2017Misha Mokhov
Hello! You Wrote Mokhov, Mikhail! Excuse me please for disturbing you! I ask help from all people over the Internet! Help me! I'm begging You! I am 52 years old and I am very sick! Diabetes for 12 years! Diabetes vascular lesions of the legs and head at 50% off! A complication!, and hernia of m/p disks ! Legs were very sore and hardly walk and I have a bad headache and no money for treatment and medications! There is no health!!! No strength!!! No work!!! The situation is critical!!! Purely human, please understand my problem, we're all people! If not treated, can be gangrene and stroke! I want You to help me as Your financial capabilities: 10-15$ the translation for VISA 4226 0806 1571 5093 Rossel'khoz Bank Russia or through Western Union or PayPal - mohow@inbox.ru Write me please on e-mail mohow@inbox.ru my website block! My tel:+7-915-960-87-13 -my MTS is My appeal to You is not spam and no cheating! It's a request! I was seriously ill! It's true! Thank you! Sorry! With Respect to You Mikhail!

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