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Contemporary Living Room Decorating Ideas

Art nouveau is a design dating back to 19th century. It was initiated in Europe and is an English name for Art nouveau. The techniques used to generate Art Nouveau furniture was based on the typical manufacturing procedures, which were considered dishonesty towards the art, design and the element of sophistication associated with it. However, the same design and furniture are highly liked by today’s market and it is highly in demand, thus it can be used in decorating the living room.  
Another form of design in the furniture industry is Art Deco Furniture. It was quite prominent before World War I. It was inspired by Africa and Chinese designers and was characterized by expensive products such as ivory, gold or any other valuable materials.

In order to decorate the living room based on contemporary ideas, the design elements from both these periods can be extracted and shaped into newer ones. Putting a decorative table in the living room can be a good idea. The choice can be made between Art Nouveau console and Art Deco Console. Art Nouveau console is a table in which its top surface is supported by corbels rather than usual four legs while Art Deco console is a wooden, table like but small in size that may be used as a stand for flowers.

A comparison between Art Nouveau Chair and Art deco chair is based purely on their design. While art deco chair is decorated with various colors; art nouveau chair is made purely of wood with its decoration made from the wood that may be exhibiting flowers or other attractive design generated from the wood.

Similarly, wooden dining table comes with a strong set that is classic and appealing. On the other side, French dining chairs feature wood as their primary material. More of its features include the curved, smooth and polished surface. French dining chairs use rare and expensive materials such as ivory, ebony, and exquisite craftsmanship.

Venetian chest can be another addition in the living room. You can use it for storage purpose along with its use as a decorative item. Wooden display cabinet can also serve the purpose of keeping the items in it. Its carved design or Art Deco nature can provide a decorative element to it as well. For book lovers, a wooden bookcase is a good option for including in the living room decorations.

Just modifying the older versions of the furniture and design through newer ideas, a better and contemporary design can be created. Mixing the older version of furniture with a few new versions can be one of the techniques for decorating the living room in modern styles. However, the ultimate choice depends on the style that you like and your budget.

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