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Teeth Discoloration and Treatment

Look in the mirror and smile. Whom do you see? Yourself surely but with all sincerity, are you actually satisfied with the person you see in the mirror? The smile is all about the teeth. Most people have the condition of stained teeth, commonly known as tooth discolouration.

What is tooth discolouration?

Teeth discolouration happens when there are changes to the natural colour of the teeth which is ideally white. There are two types of teeth discolouration. Extrinsic and intrinsic. The extrinsic type is easier to notice. Changes occur on the enamel of the teeth. The colour changes ranges from streaks of yellow to brown and in some cases dark dots. For the intrinsic type, the discolouration occurs in the inner structure of the tooth known as dentin. The dentin darkens to a dark or yellow colour.

Causes of discolouration

It is important to identify the causes of tooth discolouration for effective prevention, treatment and management of the condition. Some food and drinks like cherries, blueberries, coffee and tea can cause tooth discolouration. Smoking, inadequate brushing and flossing,medication, ageing, genetics and the environment are also culprits. Medical treatments, diseases, fluoride and trauma are also not left out.


Treatment options include good and improved hygiene, composite bonding and teeth whitening. It may take quite some time to notice any significantimprovement if you take the hygiene approach. Composite bonding involves the use of composite bonding materials such as porcelain veneers or porcelain crown. Composite resin veneers are sculpted to your teeth in the desired shape and size. They are charged per tooth and can be somewhat expensive. Dental whitening can be laser teeth whitening, cosmetic or simply the use of a bleaching agent by your dentist. Laser teeth whitening is however unique, fast and efficient. The next section talks about why you should consider this option.

Laser teeth whitening

Dentist teeth whitening services are available at almost all the affordable dental care near me. The motivation behind why patients lean toward experiencing this technique is because it has the capacity to manage various issues, for example, gum illness, tooth rot and most importantly,whitening. Laser teeth whitening works in such a way that the laser will initiate either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide arrangement and deliver wanted outcomes. In spite of the fact that it is brisk, it gives excellent results.

Where can I find treatment?

You can go check for tooth whitening Midtown. You will find a number of laser teeth whitening Houston dental care offices. Be sure to select one that is affordable and has good reputation. Do your background check. Go to their website and read the reviews. Some patients have complained about sensitivity after undertaking this procedure. Some also faced gum related issues and complications. Before you take the plunge, let your dentist examine your teeth. The fact that everyone does this doesn't mean that your teeth can withstand this treatment. The best way to go about it is to get a recommended procedure from your dentist.

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