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Love emerging out of virtual reality of romance

In the follow up of a decade, internet has grown to be a massive platform for connecting people all around the globe. And in the present time, social networking sites and online free dating site plays a very important role in people’s lives for letting them meet the right love. By the evolvement of online dating sites, people are engaging more and more on these in order to find their true love. Statistics tell us that there are more than five billion users who use social media and online dating sites on a daily basis. This is also making personal lives of people public, but however after their conscious consent. 

Opening up to social media 

Putting a picture against a name is like posting an article for the first time on a free dating site. That way, whoever would want to contact, would know where to contact the concerned person. This also means opening up to criticisms. And appreciation and criticism is something that these days’ people post openly on social networking sites. This has in fact paved the way for the online dating site, which is like giving an advertisement of the self, and who so ever likes, could get connected and the place of connection is known. Online dating is ever increasing along with ever increasing competitive internet penetration. 

Following heart’s intuition 

For any love story to begin there is strong requirement of intuition by both parties. One has to know that romance is never one sided as it takes two hands to clap, which otherwise may become a slap. Hence, for anybody liking the other, the other must also agree to like. There are certain facts and figures that one should follow before approaching someone for dating. If however, one manages a date with that special another, even then meeting face to face for the first time may seem very weird. Confidence is something that everyone likes, hence being confidence over one’s true nature and being a gentleman or a sweet loving women is perhaps the key to a great love story.  

Love is inevitable 

For every mortal, they say that there are three things which are inevitable, love, struggle and death. What is distinguished here is love, as everybody loves someone or the other, nobody can escape love. There are stories of couple who have been sending pictures and texts to each other over years have even turn to movies. This cements on the way on being an image of the loved person and the probability of romance becomes significantly real. If sweet romantic conversation stake place online between two strangers, then meeting and falling in love for the first time surely has a high chance but however, that always may not be a case. Love that’s why, as they is also hope. 

Darker side of the moon

Over the years it has been seen that the new social network with all its dating sites has contributions to certain tragedies and love stories going wrong too. A little sweet text between potential lovers is definitely harmless, but the conversation between them grows, often, one party backs downs and discovers that the other had other vilest of intentions. There have been many stories of theft and suicide over internet loving. So, a wise advice for all internet savvy lovers would be to just be careful on with whom personal information are being shared and doing extensive research of the counterpart is most necessary. 

All paths tread the same 

For all online couples, meeting for the first time in reality must take place after having proper understanding of each other’s nature and background. Couples should know that meeting face to face and looking right in the eyes is something that is completely different from chatting online as that involves the gut feeling of both the concerned parties. Being safe is another technique of being established in true love. 
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