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Online Dating – The New Cupid

With the increasing advent of the internet over the last decade, social networking has evolved to be the most sought-after invention in the people’s lives. Since, its inceptions, socializing over the internet has been spreading like wildfires, with the youth taking on to fan the flames.
Social media has laid the foundation of easier and more ready an access for the people to connect with their friends, relatives, work, activities or their loved ones resulting in people investing more efforts in building a more happening self-representation through a profile.

There is almost daily up gradation of the new social network that people are using for myriad purposes; for passing information among their acquaintances and for interaction with strangers, something which is provided with ease by the free online dating sites.

What is online dating?
Online Dating is a service where people can find and know each other personally over the internet, usually with the objective of commencing a personal, romantic or sexual relationship. The couples are matched on the basis of their profiles and the free dating site helps them arrange a date.

Since the last few years, online dating have become a rage among people, the sites serving to be the refuge of people, eager to find their life-partners. People put up impressive profiles to grab attention towards them and tend to trudge the extra mile to stand out among the other people by preparing a handsome display of their personal profile to induce maximum attention to strike the introductory conversation.

Online sites: A Blessing…
Virtual Dating includes compatibility games to test the like-mindedness of couples and aids in initiating romantic conversations without being physically present in front of each other, sparking an instant heart-to-heart talks saving the thought of the worries of nervousness or being at the end of brutal character judgments. All these have pulled in more people to indulge in signing up at more such dating websites.
Dating sites which are free are thus basking in the glory of being more influential, have recorded an increased number of sign-ups all every second, all over the globe, with the graph only to take the route of a sharp ascend in the coming years. 
Hence, the art of composing love messages and letters have evolved to find a new ally in love with the internet and the dating sites actively playing the role of cupid.

The Evils of Online Dating
But with all the boons come the bonus of the disadvantages of online dating, the most frequent story being “romance scamming” where people get paid for registering on the sites using multiple fake accounts to virtually fall in love with the members of the website often using unanticipated and illicit conditions in the terms and conditions leading to extensions in the contract period that a client wished to sign in for. This trickery has become so pronounced that special organizations with the assistance of the government are working to sue online dating websites, the burning example being Germany, where government funded NGOs like “Verbraucherschutzzentrale” are helping to keep the online dating sites in check.

Apart from all these, stories of infidelity, fraud, treachery, theft and heartbreaks are countless as other free online sites have caught on the trend of widely marketing these free dating sites on the new social network. The best way to do away with these evils is to be extra cautious while flashing one’s personal life extensively over the internet and gather adequate information and conduct background searches of the person concerned before entrusting one’s faith in a person.

Why you ought to be careful?
Faking one’s profile is the new cool in the new social networks enabling to show-off one’s popularity in the social circuit and scoring a date has become one such. As the pros and cons of online dating come bundled in a package, people should be all eyes and ears to notice and choose the right among all the wrongs. Honesty and truthfulness are the keys for untroubled online dating and a lasting relationship because after all, the onus of the right choice and judgment is on us.
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