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Cyber hook-ups- the bible to virtual love

We are all busy running the rat race of our lives. However wherever we go and whatever we do we must always find time for love. The definition of love has undergone a huge change since the millennium. People meet online, indulge in casual conversations, which sometimes lead to dating and if one is into the other after it all, they get into a relationship. After the widespread popularity of social networking sites, there came a flood of dating sites which aimed at making love connection between individuals with similar tastes and interests. This is called the new social network. Most of these dating sites allow its users to register for free. Reasonable and easy to use it has millions of users.

How to have a great dating profile?

 You don’t have to be a Superman to find dates online. So stick to your original story till the last word. Make your profile fun and interesting and do not try to come off as trying too hard type. People admire good personality over a great face with mean mentality. Add a cool picture of yourself and be honest, smart, respectful and sober.

Tips to remember 

For the men: Just a charming face does not really attract the ladies. They usually look for men who are serious about their careers and themselves. A good sense of humor always helps you earn brownie points. Do not overdo anything. Be sober and confident. Try and listen over continuously going on talking or bragging about you. The age of chivalry is still very much prevalent and any girl would love that in her man. Also a well behaved man who can make a girl laugh need not have David Beckham looks to win her heart. Also little known fact is that girls love men who are in touch with their sensitive side. So do not be scared to show the humane side of yours, it will under no condition make you any less macho. 

For the women: Show your grace and be confident. Smile a lot and be positive. According to several surveys, it was found out that men prefer happy girls over pretty ones. Do not complain; do not behave badly, in case you do not like something, gracefully talk it out with the person concerned. Give the other person time to talk and take his name while referring to him. Do not be clueless about the world issues and in case you are already into the guy then find out his interests and prepare beforehand to have something to talk to him about in this new social network style hook ups. 

However like every situation comes with its own list of pros and cons this also comes with its long list of consequences. So it’s very important for every individual to make clever moves and to understand a person thoroughly before jumping to the next level with him/her. It is advisable not to divulge too much of personal information initially to the other in the free dating sites. The prevalence of cyber crime has reached extremely high numbers and so it is advisable to be careful before striking up personal conversation with strangers. 

The free dating site has proven to be a boon for many couples who have found their soul mates online. It is required for everybody to be honest about one’s own self too. Dating sites work like real dates only. If we like somebody we eventually do go out with them and try to understand them better. These often lead to serious relationships in the future hence honesty is definitely the best policy here.

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