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On the hunt of love on the social media

It was not long ago that the internet was trying to grasp enormous popularity among the masses. In those days, there were many who feared that social interaction would be ending. What they figured that people would be locked in a closed room, typing to strangers. And a fear that meeting people on social gatherings was not going to happen anymore. But the thing is that their predictions were precisely right but not totally. Today, when the internet has captured everybody and has grasped everybody in it, people still meet each other but on a larger extent. The new social network has in fact helped people to be in touch more closely with far distant living friends and family. 

Clash of titans on the internet 

The extent of popularity of social networking sites have gone so far that people are using it to find love also. There have also been developments of some kind of free dating sites. These free dating sites allow people to find love on a criteria basis. In each of the dating site, there is a section that asks the users to give in detail the kind of partner they are looking for. What these people fail to understand is that the new social network is much more worthwhile and efficient in finding the lost love. That is because on the new social networking sites, there are facilities of games and other ways of entertainment. In such plethora, people get to interact more closely on groups formed on common interests. Who knows, the hidden love may among some common friends or someone with whom a lot of group interactions has taken place on issues related to societal norms. 

Beneficiaries of social networking 

There are a lot of benefits of being on social networking sites. For example if you had a friend with whom you haven’t spoken to in many years and you do not even know his or her whereabouts, then a site like face book is the best platform for finding that friend. Who knows one of those lost friends may be your soul mate. The social network is as such that allows people to share pictures and let their friends like and even comment under them that way, people living in far distant countries this way can be closely connected. And because of these qualities, finding love randomly on a social networking site is more preferable than trying to do the same on a free dating site. 

Dating sites with its domain of segregation 

When coming to talk about the various benefits of the new social media, let us also talk about why the dating sites are regarded as used by losers who are either in hurry or trying to find love under their specific criteria. To call them losers this way will not be right. That is because; we do not know what compulsions they face. On free dating sites, one could find a perfect match, who has qualified in criteria like skin colour choice, bank account holdings, caste, creed and the usual line ups. As it is sounding so boring, the users are also finding these sites to be extremely boring and thus, people are stopping the use of free dating sites and instead switching on to social networking sites like face book and twitter. 

Security intact 

In interacting with random people on the internet, one has to be careful about the safety also. It is a harsh truth but there have been many cases of theft and breaking of heart, as the counterpart didn’t really exist. Thus, on social networking sites, when people chat and share information, they should keep in mind that sharing of personal information without confirming the safety could be adversary. Thus, before sharing any kind of personal information, the excitement level should be lowered down a little and equal information of the counterpart should be taken. 
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