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Review of Ferrari

Review of Ferrari 488 GTB

Naming it Ferrari 488 GTB, the company has decided in launching the successor of its 458 Italia. The 488 GTB being the third model in the history of the company is putting a forced induction but however the second of engine-mid Ferrari is to adorn charge turbo coming after the stylish and iconic F40. The aficionados of Ferrari are still to come in terms with that addition of not just one but two charged turbo as the stellar is looking like a figure of performance. The car getting an overhaul styling is still going to retain the shape of its predecessors.
But then again in the new model the bumper front, headlights, doors, wing mirrors, bonnet and the air-dams which are large behind doors are still to feed its chargers. On the back side, the rear fenders have a muscular look with a new engine cover. But what is kind of sad however is that the triple exhaust which was so stylish is going to get a replacement of twin-exhausts. It’s not really sad, isn’t it? Also with new wheels of alloy, the diffuser and the rear bumper along with the tail light is going to be a bit more aggressive.

Review of Ferrari 458M

Coming to talk about other ventures of the company, Ferrari has realized some teaser images of Ferrari 458M to get unveiled; seeming like that there is going to be some subtle changes in the styling of the car. The changes are fixed as they will be featuring a new and aggressive diffuser and headlights restyling along with changes in the front design and in the bumper. Now with this many changes of good, the car is definitely going to attract all the attention when hit on the road. Races and travelling on a sunny day with this car is surely going to give the driver and the passenger a feeling of wonder world.
A significant difference that is going to be seen is perhaps in the engine. And that is because the natural 4.5 liter aspirated V8 is going to be paving the way for a new 3.8 liter turbo-twin V8. With an expected power output of 745Nm of torque and 666bhp, the engine is going to be rearing on the road run. On an improved clutch-dual gearbox the transmission duties are going to be carried out. And when it comes to the performance the new Ferrari 458M is expected to move over 325kmph, hitting the 0-100kmph in just 3.4 seconds. The details that have been given here are somehow enough is guessing that the car is going to be one of the best models of the tycoon Ferrari love.

Review of Ferrari FF

There has been a rumor that the Ferrari working on Ferrari FF facelift has been put to rest. The reason is that the time of testing the car had come with its 3-door brake shooting at a winter testing season in Sweden. The testing went on for quite some time and even gave out some many spy shoots. The mid-life lift of face is what Ferrari has tested. Coming to look at it positively, the fascia sports and the camouflage but no area otherwise got covered on snow. This is thus hinting that prototype like this does not really have any changes in the design apart from the bumper which is tweaked slightly. But whatsoever, these small changes like the facelift is only going to make severe impact on its sale chart.
Be it any model, as long as it is Ferrari it is the best without any doubt. On the road, all attentions have always been on Ferrari and will still remain on Ferrari, in this there is no doubt. The price however is expensive but is sure to get negated by the perks of the brand it is being manufactured by.

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