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Review of Volkswagen

Review of Volkswagen Jette

Volkswagen Jetta as always been a kind of a signature for Volkswagen that it is subtle with the styling and the designing of the car by putting just the effects on the face lifted versions. Whatever the model may be, the update will have limited styling changes that could be counted in fingers. With LED strips is the new unit of headlights to the grill and the layout and now with additional slat chrome on top. The front bumper is new along with the kink on the boot top lid. These changes has transformed into bringing more sharpness to the look of the car.
The Jetta model has a bottom-flat steering wheel with the angling of the dashboard is towards the driver. The cabin is very functional as everything falls right in close circle of the hand. Other things are somehow same in comparison with the other models like the placement of the wing mirror. The mechanicals of the engine are same like the previous model, as the last model’s engine has been given a lot of good reviews. However in this one, the model-base is 1.4-liter TSI petrol that gets mated with manual speed-six gearbox along with a TDI diesel base of 2.0 liter. There is also an option for speed-six box manual or otherwise known as the DSG automatic.

Review of Volkswagen Polo

The Volkswagen Polo is one of the best car models that the company has manufactured. With European kind of styling, engine anorexic, great handling and controlling of speed. But then again due to too much FDI inflow in the Indian market, it could not really make a mark. And with the model of Polo, the manufacturers are trying to change the notion that local manufacturing automobiles are inefficient to the international standards. Since the last models, this Polo seems to be the heart to transform the way of driving. Replacing the 1.5 liter engine with the 1.6 liter version engine, there has also been some subtle changes in the interior and exterior of the car as well. There is a strong hope that this car is going to be the best seller among all its local competitions.
In the front side of the new bumper, there is a face lifted Polo with barrel-double headlights and cornering static lamps that is again placed very stylishly besides the fog lamps. In the front grill of three there are two slats black and chrome is placed in the bottom. There is a classy spoke-10 alloy wheel that also is very smooth in driving on harsh roads with pot holes of India. Being a common sight on the road also, the polo manages to catch significant amount of attention in flash red. In its interior attraction, there is an integrated audio system that supports USB, memory card and AUX-in and can also get connected by Bluetooth. The sound is quite decent and is sure to impress anybody and even musicians who complain and comment a lot on these things.

Review of Volkswagen Autobahn

In the spirit of competitiveness, there is a new mantra that the manufacturers have come up with, that is a common practice performed in the market of south Asian automobile industry. But then again Volkswagen has not been cliché and has decided in making a stretch of Autobahn offering things to make driving smoother and better. In their new models, they try to put up strength have put up a speed-seven gearbox of dual clutch with India specific liter of 1.5 cylinder-four diesel. It is however needless to say that the cousins younger to those in the Czech Republic are getting the same. 

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