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Review of Honda

Review of Honda’s B-segment SUV

Honda’s attempt that led to the making of the B-segment SUV after its arrival only has proven to be engineered as a global model. A new crossover leader of project said. The HR-V project had started four years ago with an idea that the car will be giving dynamic style and driving. They had the aim of not only taking over the European market but making a significant mark on the Australian and the American markets as well. The car since the beginning only had gone over the Jazz light cars with HR-V’s signatures, by its stylish side curved body crease and the grill which is wing-shaped.
The car is made in such a way that it is far more aerodynamic than its HR-V predecessors. That is the reason everyone should know why the manufactures paid a lot of attention in the airflow optimization under the Vehicle. For the accommodation of the wheels there is up to 20 inches, but then again Honda decided for capping it to 16-17-inches. Also on the tire set, a lot of ride and handling tuning was done making it the superior with prowess dynamic. Also for making a mega development on the HR-V, two highly acclaimed yardsticks the Nissan Qashqai J10 and the Audi Q3. This car on the road creates a face melting concert.

Review of Honda accord PHEV

Honda accord PHEV with its IMA of variable transmissions continually working along with the manual gearbox making it a single motor-system especially for dispenses of small cars. It has an engine of the 1.5- liter Atkinson cycle which is also thought to be the new generation of ‘Earth Dreams’ petrol engine. Into the transmission, I-DCD system is having a motor built that further creates a compact as well as light driving system. From time to time depending on the appropriateness, the transmission clutches engages and also disengages the petrol system. That means that a car like that can surely drive on pure electricity. It is also described in technical terms as “medium-to-low-to-medium-speed”.
The version also has a new hybrid system that is the multi-mode-drive making its debut at the Accord Honda in North America from the month of January. Not only the car has been giving highly efficient services with its new kind of developed engine along with the electric motors, but is also in the process of drawing electricity from the lithium made battery that could be charged otherwise from a given socket. With EV-like feel of driving and brisk acceleration, the car is as rocking as a rock star on the road. Take and test drive and see.

Review of Honda’s sub-B economy car

Honda with its new concept of small car, small model and small concept is definitely making a huge impact in the south Asian market with the main focus remaining on the markets of India and China. The manufacturers to create a catch on the small fish kind of impact came up with the sub-B economy car. The car has been an in-expensive hatch of five-door taking on the Nissan Micra and also some of the host of various other established rivals of Hyundai, Suzuki etc. The Asian market is beautiful with people willing to spend on a lot of inexpensive automobiles. That is the reason why the capturing of Chinese and the Indian market is necessary for them.
However with this Jazz motive they have established on the idea the design, but there is a little hurdle that all their Indian buyers are over the age of 60. The cases in other countries have somehow been different compared to India. But what else could be said apart from the fact that cars of Honda are made in order to capture the market significantly. And for that reason making the customers satisfied is very necessary. That is the reason why all big automobile companies like Honda manufacture vehicles that are not only stylish but are also severely useful in terms of safe driving even in huge traffic-filled roads of India.

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