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Review of Mitsubishi

Review of Mitsubishi Space Star

The Mitsubishi space star launched in 2013 was a sort of a replacement for the Colt. This particular model of the company bears a name of a mirage in the United States while in Europe the selling of the car is still under the name Space Star. The new vehicle has been animated by engines which are small, that ranges from a liter of DOHC petrol unit to a DOHC of 1.2 liter MiVEC unit, also giving power outputs falling in between 68 to 70 HP. What again is best about this model is that it is a budget car and could be brought with lesser hankering of loans and transfer.
There is an availability of a gearbox in the car in a speed-5 CVT unit. The production of this model for various reasons has been shifted from its factory in Hungary to the ones in Thailand. The main reason being that the availability of raw materials would be in easy access and cost effective in even terms of transportation. Probably that is another reason why this particular model is well fitted in any kind of a budget for a good car. This car in the south Asian market has been so well with performance that it managed to bag the car of the year award in the Philippines.

Review of Mitsubishi Attrage

The aim of the company in manufacturing of the Mitsubishi Attrage was to make to affordable to the popular community with low running in the cost quotient. It is quite a small sedan with four-door that has been designed in the global market. Learning the drive trains from its sister model the Mitsubishi hatchback this car has been powered by 1.2 liter 3A92 cylinder three with MIVEC unit. That also offers 100Nm at 4000pm and 78PS at 6000 rpm. Speed-five manual or choices in the transmission comprising of the CVT serves as a unit of standard.
The model has cylinder-4 with displacement of 1193 cm cube. There is a torque giving 78 lb-ft at 4000 RPM or 106 Nm at 4000 RPM. It also has a multi point fuel system injection and could take petrol for its functioning. The drive type is of wheel-front-drive and the gearbox is of speed 5 manual. It also has a rear drums. That is the reason why this car has been a mega hit on roads that is driven by middle scale income groups. Definitely as compared to the automobile tycoons, this car could not divert attention, but on a regular basis for normal people to drive, this car is the best option.

Review of Mitsubishi i-MiEV

Mitsubishi i-MiEV was released in the year 2009 and is a five-door electric hatchback car. Mitsubishi motors’ had the aim in manufacturing the car for people to have an easy to get vehicle and significantly capture the market by being a product of everybody’s house. In Europe however this model has somehow failed to make that kind of an impact. The car is powered by 49 KW at 3000-6000 RPM or 66 BHP at 3000-6000 RPM. It also comes with a torque giving a standardized 145 lb-ft at 0-300 RPM and 197 Nm at 0-300 RPM. This car is one of the oldest cheap companies that are still manufacturing and making marks in the global automobile industry.
The aim of companies such as this has always been to cater to the need of the people. The main motive thus has been in cutting the cost of production of the car so that even the revenue is less it is fine. For that reason only, it would be quite sad that a self-less company such as this could not capture over the tycoons of the automobile sector. But whatsoever, this car with so many of it’s varies models is always one of the options if not found anything else.

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