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Review of Subaru

Review of Subaru 2015

Japanese automaker, named Subaru is one of the leading manufacturers of vehicles across the globe. The vehicles manufactured by Subaru are not only practical on roads, but they fun on the long drive. Sharp performance is the basic output of any Subaru vehicle due to the turbochargers and power trains for the complete wheel drive. Subaru cars are manufactured with crafted with passion and this helps them to provide flexibility in terms of car choice. Subaru cars are highly crash proof and this quality of it is renowned across the globe. Subaru, the automotive division of FHI (Fuji Heavy Industries) is the 22nd largest automaker in the world. Some of the hottest trends of Subaru have been Forester, BRZ, Legacy, Impreza, WRX and Outback. Our discussion will feature some outstanding Subaru models that have stumped their foot strongly on the car world.

Review of Subaru Impreza

The 2015 Subaru Impreza is a sedan model with classic and elegant looks. The 2015 Impreza comes in 5 versions namely base 2.0i, Limited and Premium (hatchback with 4-door) and Limited sport trim and sport premium (hatchback with 5-door). A 2.0L horizontally placed 4-cylinder with 148 horsepower engine powers the Impreza. A manual 5-speed gearbox or an automatic transmission of Subaru’s Lineartronic technology is installed in the Impreza 2015. The complete-wheel drive technology of Subaru is efficient for harsh climatic conditions like snow. This gives the driver confidence on wet and slippery roads. The power steering rotated by electricity adds efficiency to the handling of the car, saving fuel. The boxer engine of Subaru installed in the 2015 Impreza is very low in regards to center of gravity, which is an added boost to the machine. The four wheel disc brake lock is included in the model.
The outside look is quite sharp and detailing. The interior is well trimmed and the driver seat is quite comfortable with upright sitting position of the driver. The back seat is sufficient for 2 adults and the hatchback has ample space for baggage. The Impreza 2015 has been given a fresh look, with redesigning that gives it the freshness along with a line for legacy. The interior in comparison to the previous models has a bolder look along with a camera for backup and trim materials of high quality. The Impreza 2015 is high in fuel efficiency.

Review of Subaru 2015 legacy

The Subaru 2015 Legacy is yet another brilliant creation of Subaru in the automobile industry. This model comes with 2 engines:
  • The 2.5L engine with a 4-cylinder opposed horizontally, along with a horsepower of 175hp. 
  • The other one is a 3.6L engine with a 6-cylinder opposed horizontally, along with a horsepower of 256hp. 
The Lineartronic transmission technology of Subaru is extended in the 2015 legacy model. The complete-wheel drive, a trademark of Subaru is present in this model as well and the extra feature of rear suspension with double wishbone provides even a more better and agile ride. The 2015 legacy comes with the features of steel wheels of size 17 inch, halogen headlights with a projector beam, air conditioning, effects on side grounds, driver’s seat which is adjustable on 6 sides; wheel mounted steering, charging through USB, audio controller, Bluetooth connectivity and hill assistance. There is a touch screen display of size 6.2 inch, along with integration of Smartphone.
Safety measures are completely adjusted in the Subaru 2015 legacy with airbags on front seat and side seat, dual stage front air bags which are intelligently deployed, disc brakes on each of the 4 wheels, traction and stability control, parking brake, brake assistance and monitoring system for tire pressure.

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