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Review of Audi

Review of Audi A3

Audi has established itself as one of the pioneering car manufacturers of the world. The significance of the four interlocking rings has been compared to almost an Olympian level of performance and strength attributes of the cars under this banner. The styling of the cars is definitely more stoic than the flashier versions of other car brands in the market. However, the level of solid engineering that Audi promises is unbeatable even by the best of the Japanese car brands currently competing in the same customer pool.
Many of the existing styles from the arsenal of Audi’s stellar collection are getting a complete makeover and re-launch in 2015. The idea is if the technology gets an upgrade, the style should get one too. Here are a few of the most popular Audi series re-launched in 2015 that have revamped the manufacturer’s image completely.
Audi A3 gets a complete overhaul with the style of a four-door sedan replacing the old hatchback in the market. However, customers who are seriously hooked to the unbeatable experience of the convertible A3 can expect a new two-door version hitting the markets midway through 2015. The Audi A3 sedan is being hailed as the benchmark for target audiences looking for entry-level luxury cars to start their collections. The model boasts of the same superior quality of all Audi manufactured vehicles when it comes to cabin quality, engine efficiency, superior design, and fast handling. However, the version does have a smaller trunk and a more cramped back seating than the more spacious car models under the Audi umbrella.

Review of Audi A4 Sedan 

For customers looking to buy an entry-level luxury sedan that beats the quality and experience range set by competitor range of German car companies, the Audi A4 sedan is the best match.
The range is much less expensive than any other competitor sedan ranges in the same feature level. It boasts of a sporty handling and excellent quality cabin. You can also expect a high range of fuel economy. Although the standard control layout might be a bit disappointing if you are looking for something more intuitive for your price. The range was given an upgrade to 220 horsepower in 2015 models than the 211 horsepower performance for last year models. This provides a spirited acceleration potential to the new Audi A4 sedan series. You can expect luxury features like leather upholstery, power adjustable seats (front), automated climate control (tri-zone), and a power sunroof. The new versions also come with some additional features such as a 10-speaker powerful audio system, Bluetooth connectivity for various devices, a connector for your iPod and Audi’s stylized MMI infotainment system. The infotainment system comes with a color monitor and centrally mounted control dial for audio, climate, and video settings.

Review of Audi Q5 series 

The Audi Q5 series introduced the crossover SUV that has a higher headspace and larger cabin space than regular hatchback versions. However, the SUV versions are more fuel-efficient and offer better handling for parking. This combination is an excellent package for both new and experienced car shoppers. This can also be a natural transition for customers looking to upgrade from the A4 sedan experience. The Audi Q5 series offers just as easy handling as the A4 but better trunk space, higher gravity quotient that enables better steering especially for customers who like to take the off-road experiences occasionally. Keeping true to Audi’s class, Q5 comes equipped with superior interior quality and the sleekest design as compared to the rivals in the market. The Q5 can get a little pricier for especially if you want to buy a model on the higher levels. The Audi Q5 is currently available in four levels depending upon the engine performance – 2. 0T Premium, 3.0T Premium Plus, 3.0TDI Premium Plus and 2.0T Hybrid Prestige.

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