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Review of Volvo

Review of Volvo V60 Wagon

From the very beginning, Volvo has been associated with a higher quality of car manufacturing and undeniably stylish rides. The Swedish automaker has only grown larger and better with every passing year. This year the company has branched out its segments with attractive new additions to their lines. Some new strategies include re-launching popular brands with technical and design upgrade. Another strategy has been to launch popular models in to global market segments were up until now they were unavailable.
Diversification has been a huge goal for Volvo this year, as has been keeping on with the progressive strife to be better with each new line. Volvo has been continuous in their campaigns to keep a qualitative edge in the market. Keeping to the tune many models from different lines from the automaker have been discontinued in various years when the technology surpassed these versions. However, in 2015, the strategy has majorly shifted to rebranding and launching popular brands into newer global markets to take advantage of a greater sales pool.
The Volvo V60 Wagon is a new addition for the U.S market segment this year. The V60 series filled an important emptiness in the automaker’s lineup with the discontinuation of the V50 compact series and the V70 station wagons. The V60 is the wagon version for the S60 models, which are the sedan lineups. The V60 range boasts an incredible cargo space of 20 cubic feet and still compares admirably with the S60’s design, performance, safety features, fuel efficiency, and high-end technology. The model comes with Volvo’s patented “Drive – E” engines with 2.0-liter of turbocharged four-cylinders. However, the Volvo V60 Wagon does compromise on legroom in favor of cargo space. Yet, overall, the model is definitely a game changer for the US market and does not have a direct rival in this price range in the market. The range is available in three levels depending on the power trains – T5 Drive- E, T5 AWD, and T6 AWD R-Design.

Review of Volvo S80 Sedan

The S 80 series has been described as a little dull in design as compared to the flashier luxury sedan models that are available in the market in the same competitive range. However, if you are looking for a truly “sedate” sedan, the Volvo S80 Sedan delivers and much better now with the upgraded 2015 version. The S80 T5 gets a completely new four-cylinder engine, fully turbocharged and comparatively as powerful as the previous six-cylinder engine foundation. The downgrade in the number of cylinders increases fuel efficiency for the 2015 version exponentially. The S80 T6 still sports the turbocharged six-cylinder version. You can definitely approve of Volvo’s trademark quality of front seats and outward visibility. The T5 Drive- E version of the luxury sedan provides an improved performance at 240 horsepower with this year’s version. That makes it one of the most fuel-efficient cars in its competitive range in the market.

Review of Volvo XC60 SUV

For car enthusiasts looking for a crossover luxury SUV compact as an update from their wagon or sedan versions, the Volvo XC60 SUV is a gem. It has been described as a little conservative with the earlier versions. However, the rebrand of the XC60 2015.5 (models launched after the period of June 2014) has completely changed the dynamics of the series. Now customers can get the new T5 Drive –E versions which have a 2.0 liter, turbocharged four-cylinder engines. The T6 Drive- E takes it further with turbocharged and supercharged versions of the engine. The engine is complimented with a brand new system of eight-speed, fully automatic transmission. Apart from that, the On Call and Sensus connect systems have been introduced for the Volvo XC60 SUV under the newly upgraded telematics systems.

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