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Review of Daewoo

Review of Daewoo Lanos- 2002

Even though in the year of 1978 Saehan Motors was purchased by the Daewoo Group, only in the year of 1983 did the name Daewoo motors come into the picture. In the year of 1995, Daewoo Motors made its debut appearance in the UK. Unlike other automobile manufacturers, Daewoo did not go the traditional way to create a manufacturer-retailer relationship. Rather it manufactured its own cars and had its own retail outlets to sell them. In terms of number of cars produced in a year, Daewoo Motors was among the top ten at one particular time.
In the year of 2011, Daewoo motors came into some unsalvageable financial loss, thus forcing the Daewoo Group to sell this automotive arm of the company. The automotive division, Daewoo motors, was bought by the Korean General Motors while the Daewoo Motors Division in India was bought by Tata Motors.
The Daewoo Lanos came in both 2 door hatch back and 4 door sedan variants. These cars came fitted with 4 cylinder I-4 engine with 1.4 liter capacity, 105 hp and delivered up to 106 lbs-ft torque. These cars came with 5-speed manual transmission drives, however they could be upgraded to 4-speed automatic transmission. The only safety feature found in the car would be the dual, front impact airbags.
As for the interior décor, of the Daewoo Lanos, only the Sport variant of this car came with leather steering wheels, gear knobs and upholstery. Both the S and the Sport variants could easily fit 5 people, had bucket seats in the front and bench type rear seats. The rear seat could also be folded separately to make more area for cargo.
Alloy wheels and power steering was factory installed for the Sport variants. The S variant did not have provision for alloy wheels however; power steering wheels could be installed at higher prices.

Review of Daewoo Nubira – 2002

Daewoo Nubira was the best in class 4 door sedan in 2002. This car came with the regular I-4 gas engine with 2.0 liter capacity and 129 hp. The SE and the CDX models both had the same engine that delivered 136 lbs-ft torque. They both had the same fuel economy at 31 miles per gallon on the highway and 22 miles per gallon within the city. Both the models came with company fitted 5-speed manual transmission gear system. This gear system can be upgraded to a 4 speed automatic drive at an additional cost.
Both models, of the Daewoo Nubira, came with front impact airbags and a provision for security system that can be installed after purchase. As for the entertainment features in these cars, that were made more than a decade ago, the regular cassette player and an AM/FM radio was factory installed and the CD player, as you guessed, had to be bought and installed!

Review of Daewoo Leganza – 2002

In 2002, Daewoo released the upgraded and performance driven Daewoo Leganza. This car had a powerful 131 hp engine back then. This I-4 engine had a capacity of 2.2 liters with a 5-speed manual transmission. As it was common at this time, the 5-speed manual transmission could be upgraded to a 4-speed automatic transmission at an extra cost.
The Daewoo Leganza was available in the SE and the CDX variants. These were different by four thousand American dollars, wherein remote keyless entry, power moon roof and speed control were company provided in the CDX model. As for the SE variant you had to pay for these three features. The CD player and the 6 speaker system was also factory installed in the CDX model. These were available for the SE model at a price!

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