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Review of Marussia

Review of Marussia B1

Marussia motors were a premium Russian Car manufacturer that dealt with the production of first class cars and utility vehicles. The company was founded in the year 2007. The very first models of cars that the company produced were the B1 and B2 range of sports cars. These were an instant hit. The B series cars from Marussia still find a place of honor amongst the best in the category of sports utility vehicles in their price ranges. The B1 range of cars was launched on 16 December 2008 at Moscow. The event took place in the Manege Hall, which was a new structure back then. The company opened the doors of its first official showroom in Moscow on 10 September 2010. By 2010, the company had gained a lot of momentum and diversified by buying a major stake in the Virgin Racing F1 team, which was renamed as Marussia F1 in 2012. The team competed in the Formula 1 races until last year in 2014. However, in April of 2014 Marussia Motors was officially disbanded.
The Marussia B1 series of cars are a premier design, rear-wheel driven sports car model. The body design is primarily centered on a no-wings and clean parameters. Customers have three options for engine power within the B1 series. The base model has a 3.5 litre V6 engine with natural aspiration and it produces 300 bhp of power. There is another engine option with the 2-8 litre V6 that is available in two tune states 360 bhp and 420 bhp. While you may be confused with the engine specifications and the potential promise of the B1 car’s speed, you will be reassured when you consider the weight bracket to compliment the engine power ratio. The Marussia B1 cars weigh just about 1100 kg. This easily puts B1 cars’ weight o power ratio above the bracket of the Ferrari 458 Italia. The lightweight body is courtesy of the carbon composite primary material used for designing the B1 body panels.

Review of Marussia B2

The B2 series cars were a natural progression from the B1 series. In fact, the Marussia B2 can be considered the second line of super cars from Marussia Motors. The technologies are just as impressive with the B2 as with the earlier series of cars. However, with the Marussia B2 the evolution led to a more powerful face and one of a kind interior to the car. Marussia Motors only ever created 500 of the B2 models of their lineup. The cars are offered with either a 2.8-liter V6 turbocharged engine or a 3.5-liter V6 naturally aspirated engine. The power ranges for the models from 300-420 bhp depending on the engine model. The power backup for the cars made them ideal for sprinting from 0-60 mph within an impressive 3.2 seconds. The cars could further maintain a top-level speed of 180-190 mph range. The B2 chassis structure is just as light and durable as the B1 and it includes Marussia-Cosworth designed power units to explore higher dimensions of power to weight ratio for improved performances.

Review of Marussia F2 SUV

The Marussia F2 SUV was first unveiled at the 22nd International Exhibition of CSTB -2010 in Moscow. The company’s intent behind designing the F2 was to provide a practical car for practical people to solve practical problems. The car is designed to be adapted universally in major vocations such as the army, emergency services, and even the fire department. The Marussia F2 SUV boasts of upgraded electronics, functionally designed interiors, and additional features that improve the overall performance of the SUV. These features include turbine-shaped one of a kind design air vents, flat panel screens within the interiors of the SUV, safety-latched set of switches and a complete infotainment system with television programs, Bluetooth and internet connectivity.
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