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Review of Alfa-Romeo

Review of Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe 2015

A French businessperson started Alfa Romeo with capital collected from Italian investors. The company is based out of Milan, Italy. The brand is uniquely known for its consistent production of sporty cars that are extremely stylish. Alfa Romeo cars were available in the US market for a brief stint during the 2008. However, the company disappeared from the US market after delivering only 500 cars in total, 84 of which were prototypes of its limited edition Maserati V8 8C sports cars for that year. However, Alfa Romeo is back in the US market starting in 2014 with the smashing launch of the Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe.
The Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe 2015 is heavily influenced from a racecar style of production with amazing performance and an undeniably Italian styling. The Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe 2015 is a brand new model and it has very exotic flavour to its styling process. It uses carbon fiber tub to build the body of the car, which appears stubbier. The car is designed to be a midengine vehicle with aluminium suspensions and extensive crash supports. It is powered by a powerful 1.7 litre turbocharged, four-cylinder engine with a237 horsepower potential and 258 pound-feet potential for torque. The car itself weighs much less than 2500 pounds, which gives it an amazing, power performance because of its improved weight to power ratio. The engine is located to be visible under glass panels and you can experience the 6-speed automated clutch potential with upgraded paddle shifters available for the steering wheel. The Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe 2015 comes with the latest Brembo/YRW brake technology package, which makes sure that the vehicle stops just as fast and smoothly as it travels for you.

Review of Alfa Romeo MiTo Racer 2015

The Alfa Romeo MiTo was first launched in 2008. It is Alfa’s unique version of the three door hatchback style supermini cars. The name corresponds as a connection between Milan and Turin, which are the two cities of Italy where the styling department and the production department of the series are located. The Italian automaker now offers the Alfa Romeo MiTo Racer 2015, which is intended for a more mature target audience who are interested in newer technologies and changes in interior equipments. The exterior design is unique with the patented reverse pyramid Alfa branded grille on the front and oval shaped headlights that stretch back over the front fenders. Two fog lamps punctuate the lower air dam. The roof dips back in to the rarer side of the hatch while the windows are curved to meet the liens of the design. The Alfa Romeo MiTo Racer 2015 is available in eight new colour shades. A 1.4 litre gasoline-fuelled naturally aspirated engine that has a maximum potential of 78 horsepower powers the car. You can also choose from the trim level with gasoline fuelled TwinAir 0.9 litre engine with 105 hp or a 1.6 litre turbo diesel charged JTDM with 120 hp.

Review of Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint 2015

The Giulietta series of cars under the Alfa Romeo banner were introduced in 1954. It has been one of the most iconic models under the brand. For 2015, the brand is expanding its line-up of the series with the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint 2015. This is also a 60th anniversary edition of the series under the Alfa Romeo banner. The most prominent design feature upgraded from the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint 2015 is the new bumper that incorporates the apron which looks like a diffuser and the four fins added as replacement of the standard piece. The Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint 2015 is available in both gasoline fuelled and diesel-fuelled versions. It also offers a trim level, which supports LPG fuelling.

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