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In today’s generation with the advancement of technology, social networks have become one of the main medium of communication between two or more persons. Most teenagers are seen to use the internet quite often in their leisure time not because of study purposes but only to chat and make new friends through these networking sites, like- Face book, Twitter, Whatsapp, Skype, LinkedIn and many more. It is just like another tool in getting to know an unknown person through social networking sites that plays an important role in both relationship formation as well as break-ups. But, in reality these networking sites represents a distorted, imaginary type of the human beings we are. Old friends or distant relatives and cousins who are totally out of touch with each other for a long time can get into touch again through these social networks.

Facts about social networks and free dating sites

Ello and App.net (alternative to face book) are new social network. Dating sites, like- Instagram, eHarmony, Coffee meets Bagel, Hitch.me, Tawkify, Match.com and On.com are social by default and are usually meant for singles. The percentage of people engaged in romantic relationships and the percentage of marriages in which the couples come across each other on any dating sites has increased over the last decade. Match.com has about 17 million users while eHarmony has 20 million users. Yet, the traditional networking sites have users’ even more than that even if they are dependent on an obsolete business model.
Free dating sites and social networking sites help us in discovering things about another person that probably we would have found out later in time if the interactions were face to face.

Expectations from the internet trends

Strangers from all over the world can make new friends through both these sites, as mentioned above. Some people are more comfortable disclosing about themselves online as it is easier and also that it has become the most common thing now-a- days. If we are online on Face book, we get frequent updates on what people are wondering about, feeling, doing, eating and so on while in person people gets drawn to reveal more about themselves once getting to know a person much better than before and also after having built up the trust. Only then after, it is better to go out for a movie or dinner date or on a long drive and not before that. But for some people, it is still a sign of ignominy. Thus these days, social media serves as a double-edged sword.
“Coffee Meets Bagel”, the most interesting and innovative free online dating site is somewhat similar to “Group on meets dating”. The site provides through email a "daily dating deal" known as a "Bagel" that can be either accepted or passed and it depends on a third party making a “match”.

The awareness of social networks and dating sites

Online social network On.com provides a choice for those people who would declare their own matches. Similar to Instagram, this online application permits people to share photos of them, chat, search other users' photos and also send private messages. The approach let people to see "the actual person" behind a profile. Here, the social features are very strong: people can search others in their neighborhood to hang out with on a date, or just for parties and other special occasions. So, new social network and online dating site plays a very crucial role in our lives.

Recent studies say that social network and online dating sites reduces the chance of commitment. However, at the end of the day the real chemistry that may “seem” to take place online should be true in the real world else you know what is waiting for you in the near future. 

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