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Safety is better than sorry in online dating

Online dating is a term commonly used by people in search of love through the various new social networks. In online dating people search for their soul mates through the various online dating websites. The love birds express their feelings with each other and share the phrase named “Love” with each other. On many occasions these love birds actually turn out to be life partners in the future. They feel comfortable under the presence of the other and they ultimately get bonded under the act of marriage.

Why refrain from using online dating?

The situation is not same for all. At times, the online dating sites are a real headache and a cause for pain. You can get into some serious troubles at times due to the lack of proper face to face conversation in an online dating site. Tortures at times may happen and even mental harassments can happen at times. It is always recommended to be precautious before approaching someone on a dating site, as the saying goes “It is better to be cautious than sorry”.

Here are some tips to safety before approaching someone on a free dating site.
  • Refrain from exposing your personal contact details to anyone on a dating site at first instance. Your contact details like phone number and even your first name and last name is enough to track you down and face harassment. It is advised to share contact details only after proper knowing of the other person. Share only what you feel is necessary at each point of time. 
  • Refrain from using your name in your email ids. This could help the opponent to track you down using your email id. Also if it is your regular email id it could easily give him/her access to your social network profiles. Use email accounts specially created for such purposes. 
  • Your instincts are your best support on the journey to the perfect match. When you feel something wrong but the person you are in chat, immediately stop speaking to that person. Your instinct is a powerful tool to measure the quality of a person and it can give you a sense on the durability of the relationship. 
  • Always communicate using a temporary phone number brought especially for this purpose. Sharing of personal or home number is sign of a foolish act that you will regret in the future. The preferred mode for communication is Skype that retains your communication identity. 
  • People with the will to answer various questions without hesitation are generally loyal and good. Hesitation in answering questions likes “How long were you in your last relationship?”, “Why did you break up your last relationship?”, “Is your nature short tempered or controlling?” etc. always proves that the other person is lacking in the truth. 
  • Demand a photo, better if recently snapped, from your partner in conversation. Check the photo with your instincts after communication and if everything is fine then there is question of any mischief. A profile with a photo is always a good option. 
  • Lastly, when meeting is fixed, always choose a public place where transportation is easy and quick. Avoid being picked or dropped at your residence. This is a mistake you would not want to make at the first meeting. Keep your friend or someone close informed about the meeting in case of any emergencies. If possible ask them to stay close by.

It is always a good practice to adhere to the above mentioned points for a safe online dating. The free dating sites may something be a cause for headache but on your luckiest days you may find the one you were looking for.

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