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Importance of an elegant looking profile in a free dating site

The terms new social network and online dating may not be synonymous words but are quite similar in approach. Online dating is possible through the various dating sites, which are source to social networking platforms. You can chat on these dating sites in search of a true love and if lucky the love of your life may be on the opposite side without any knowledge to you. In these kinds of online meetings, compatibility is the most important factor that is taken into consideration.

Global exposure of Social networks and dating sites

The online dating sites have become a trend for finding love over the past decade. People engage themselves in the sites to find true love. This cause in some cases turn into enjoyment and sexual relationships. In a recent study at US reveals a shocking figure for online dating sites. The records for people who are single in US stand at 50 million and among them a staggering 40 million people have tried their hands at online dating sites. This is a huge figure that reveals the exposure these dating sites have on singles. Among them 47 percent are female and 53 percent are male. The revenue of the dating sites is estimated to touch the billion dollar mark.
Coming to the social network platforms like face book, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram etc., the figures are even higher. Face book ranks at top with 71% adults using the platform to stay connected with friends and even find a long term friend for “LOVE”. Almost every single person in a house uses Face book these days. The number of users for other sites like LinkedIn and Twitter is also increasing with each day.

Profile highlights in a dating site

The most important aspect that matters in a free dating site is the profile of a person. A profile with good attributes is always a preference. Some profiles are even preferred due to their elegance and beauty that catches the eye of any viewer. Such highlights are important to attract matches.


This column in an online dating profile is preferred the most. Almost every individual is judged by the fillings of the personality portion. In a dating website the personality column is the first thing that appears after the name and this part represents the person as a whole. As a result, for positive opinions in the mind of a viewer it is important to have a classy looking personality column in the profile. There is a saying, “First impression is the last impression”, and so importance should be given to the personality column.

Looks and Smile

The photo attached to a profile should be given equal importance in comparison to personality. It is advised to always adhere to recently clicked photographs and periodically update them. Good attire with a positive smile is important aspects of a beautiful looking photograph. Family photographs and even clicks with friends at times also add a sense of cool nature to your photograph.

Education and career

It is a known truth that profiles with educational qualifications and prosperous career is highly regarded. On the contrary, it is not so that less qualified or less prosperous profiles are ignored. They are also given importance and preferred most of the times due to their good showings in the other departments.

Sense of humor

Last but not the least, the revelation of humor is very important. Many prefer people with good sense of humor. Small humorous tag lines will add the finishing touches to your profile in a free dating site.

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