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New social network- Revolution on the rise

Social networking sites like Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are a worldwide hit due to the amount of visitors involved with these websites. The number of users of these social networks is having increased to huge numbers over the last decade or so. The rise is still there and expected to rise in the future. The social networking market has been grabbed by these giants leaving no market for the new social network sites. But still some are carving their way out to go foot to foot with these giants in the social networking platform.

Social networking sites like Unmetric, Bubbly, Frilp, Heard, Whisper, WeChat, Quicket, Space Tag and Line are steeping foot in the social networking market. These social networking newbie’s are coming up with heart throbbing ideas that will take the social media by storm once launched.

Extravagance of the new social network sites
  • The social network named Unmetric is bringing in the use of competitive intelligence with it. It will analyze data by the use of victorious campaigns to resonate them with the consumers, helping the users to generate brilliant ideas. The data unlike the current social networks will be analyzed in a couple of minutes to give you advantage in competitions. If will also notify the user when its competitor is grabbing more attention on its post in the social market. 
  • Some social networking platforms will allow the user to create targeted marketing campaigns. The user will be able to manage his or her campaign at different points of time. The platform will analyze the data and use specific algorithms to help in the campaigning saving both time and money. 
  • Another social networking platform is bringing in a revolution of voice messages. Users will be able to record voice messages and edit those using special effects and share them on the social network. Written posts replaced by voice messages, a cool and wonderful idea. 
  • When you are in a new city or country, you do not have access to good hotels and restaurants or even the beautiful attractions. A social networking platform will enable you to have conversations with the local contacts of the new city to help you access to the best hotels and attractions. Problem of shifting to a new city is solved within a couple of minutes. Simple yet brilliant idea. 
  • Space Tag is going to deliver a breakthrough in the social networking market. It is going to tag specific places and people and save them for further use. These tags will help the app recognize the location of the user with the help of camera of a Smartphone.

Lots of other interesting ideas are coming up with the new social network sites in the hope of a revolution. Besides, connection with friends these sites also help in the search for the perfect match. True love can also be found in these social networking sites with a little bit of luck.

Find love in an online dating website

Love can also be found on the various free dating sites that have come up in the recent years. Strangers meet online and after a couple of chat sessions they become friends. Slowly this friendship grows into a more complex relationship termed “LOVE”, finally marriage in some cases. This phenomenon is followed in most dating websites and many marriages results due to the interaction in these websites. The result is not same for all cases, as at times fraud and even harassment results due to lack of proper precautions taken by the user. It is important to share only what is safe in these kinds of online dating websites.

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