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Reviews of Hummer

Review of Hummer H1

Hummer is the leading brand of SUV’s and trucks that started by the AM General when they started to sell the civilian version of Humvee back in the year 1992. Originally the Hummer brand was solely manufactured for the military usage, but along with the increasing popularity amongst civilians AM motors started to sell the civilian version of Hummer.
Later back in the year 1998, the Hummer brand was purchased by General Motors (GM) and started with three variants those are original Hummer H1, Hummer H2, and Hummer H3. The Hummer H1 comes under the category of off-road vehicle that is originated from Humvee M998. The production of this car began back in the year 1992, and it lasted till 2006. The first generation was started during 1992 till 2004, and second generation started in year 2006. The Hummer H1 came in different types of body types those are two-door pickup truck, four-door pickup truck, and four-door convertible and four-door wagon.
The engine of Hummer H1 was located in front-mid system with four-wheel drive terrain. This model had very powerful diesel engines with different variations those are 6.2 L Detroit V8, 6.5 L Detroit V8, 5.7 L Vortec V8, 6.5 L turbo Detroit V8, and 6.6 turbo DMAX V8. The transmissions used in hits model were different based on various models those are three-speed automatic, four-speed automatic, and five-speed automatic.

Review of Hummer H2

Hummer H2 comes in the category of SUT and SUV vehicles that was marketed by General Motors. As compared to the earlier model that is H1, the H2 was slimmer still longer, taller, and lighter in weight. This model was available in different passenger capacity that is seven or six passengers including the driver. The SUT version of this model was so powerful that it was able to haul the same cargo as it was hauled by the trucks. The production of Hummer H2 started from 2003 and lasted till 2009. This model of Hummer was available in two different types of body shapes those are four-door SUV and four-door crew cab truck.
For both of the variants, Hummer H2 used the front-engine system with four-wheel drive terrain. To drive this massive SUV and SUT, this model used the two different types of diesel engines during particular years. During the year, 2003 till 2007 the SUV and SUT models were using 6.0 L V8 diesel engine that was producing massive power of 325 BHP. During the year 2008 till 2009 the SUV and SUT models were using 6.2 L V8 diesel engine that was producing even more massive power of 393 BHP. The transmissions were also varied those are four-speed and six-speed automatic respectively.

Review of Hummer H3

With the increasing popularity of the Hummer brand amongst people all over the world, General Motors launched yet another sequel of Hummer that is H3. The Hummer H3 was also counted under SUV segment. The production of this model began back in the year 2005 til 2010. As compared to the earlier models those are H1 and H2, this model was smaller in size. The Hummer H3 was available in mid-size SUV or mid-size pickup truck known as H3T. The body types used in this model of Hummer was a four-door. The engine of this model was located in the front with the four-wheel-drive terrain.
The Hummer H3 changed three different engines over the time. During the initial time, H3 came with five-cylinder 3.5 liter diesel engine that was producing 220 BHP. From the year 2007, the initial engine was replaced by five-cylinder 3.7 liter diesel engine that was producing power of 242 BHP. Furthermore down the year that is 2008, the diesel engine V8 5.3 liter with a maximum power of 300 BHP was added to Alpha model. This model was also available in two different types of transmissions those are four-speed automatic and five-speed manual.

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