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Review of Land Rover

Review of Range Rover

Land Rover is a brand of the British car manufacturer that is Jaguar Land Rover. They are specialized in manufacturing the four-wheel-drive vehicles. Back in the year 2008, Tata Motors from India brought the Jaguar Land Rover. Before any of this, basically this company started as Rover Company back in the year 1948 that lasted till 1967. After that this company had seen many numbers of owners before finally landed in the hands of an Indian tycoon. The most famous model of the Land Rover and it is still running strong all over the world is Range Rover. This model is manufacturers since the year 1970.
The Range Rover comes under the category of SUV with four-wheel-drive technology. Since the launch of this model in the market, it has gone under four generation those are from 1970 to 1996, 1994 to 2002, 2002 to 2012, and since 2012 till date respectively. The first, fourth generation model was revealed at Paris Motor Show during the year 2012. The fourth generation SUV car comes with the five-door body style. This model come along with three different types of engines those are 3.0 liter V6 diesel, 4.4 liter V8 diesel, and 5.0 liter V7 petrol. All the variants of the Range Rover use the eight-speed automatic transmission.

Review of Land Rover Freelander

The Land Rover Freelander comes under the segment of SUV that was manufactured by Land Rover. Since the launch of Freelander, it has gone through two generations. The first generation Land Rover Freelander was produced during the year late 1997 to late 2006. During that time, this model was using five different engines for different variants in four and six-cylinder variations. The model was also available in five-speed manual and five-speed automatic transmission. The first generation model was available in the body types of three-door convertible and five-door SUV segment.
The production of second generation Land Rover Freelander began back in the year 2006 till the year 2015. The second generation of this model came with many changes such as the complete facelift of the car, and it was only available in the five-door SUV segment. The variations in the engines were also a major change in this model. The new model came with total five engines that were further divided into two petrol and three diesel engines. The transmission was also very big change for this model. The second generation model came with two different transmissions those are six-speed manual and six-speed automatic. This model is planned to be replaced with the new model that is Discovery Sport.

Review of Land Rover Discovery Sport

The Land Rover Discovery Sport comes under the category of a compact sports utility vehicle. The production of this model started back in the year 2014, and it had replaced the earlier model of Land Rover that is Freelander. The first sight of this model was revealed during the New York International Auto Show back in the year 2014. It comes in the body type of five-door SUV. The engine of this model is located in the front of the vehicle. This model comes with the either front-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive option. This Land Rover Discovery Sport is available in different variants of engines.
During the initial years the Land Rover Discovery Sport will be offered with the engine those are 2.0 liter EcoBoost four-cylinder petrol engine that generate 240 BHP power and 2.2 liter Duratorq four-cylinder diesel engine that generate 150 BHP or 190 BHP power. During the late 2015 these engines will be replaced by the new Jaguar Land Rover Ingenium engines those are 2.0 liter Ingenium four-cylinder petrol engine and 2.0 Liter Ingenium four-cylinder diesel engine. In the near future Jaguar Land Rover Ingenium might also produce the three, four, or six cylinder engines.

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