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Review of Austin

Review of Austin Mini

Austin motor company was founded back in the 1905 in the England by the founder Herbert Austin. Back in the year 1952 it was collaborated with the Morris Motors Limited through the new holding company as British Motor Corporation Limited. The brand name Austin was utilized till the year 1987, and now it is owned by the SAIC Motor Company from China. While the Austin was working individually as well as while working with other companies, they have launched many numbers of models in the market. Austin Mini was one of the successful models of the Austin when it was merged with the British Motor Corporation.
Austin Mini is also known by many other names such as Austin 850, Austin Seven, Austin Partner, Leyland Mini, Morris 850, and many more other names. Since the launch, this model has gone through various changes as per the changing owners of the brand. In today’s time, people can see it with the name of Mini Cooper. This model was made available in the body structure of two-door saloon, and all generation of this model were using the same two-door body structure but in various forms such as pickup truck, van, and estate. All the version of Austin Mini was using the front-mounted engine with front-wheel-drive power terrain.

Review of Austin Metro

The Austin Metro model comes in the segment of supermini economy car. This car was produced by Austin Rover Group that was a division of the British Leyland. This was launched back in the year 1980, and it was running till 1998. During that time, this model has gone through three generations between the years 1986 to 1990, 1990 to 1995, and 1994 to 1998 respectively. During the first generation, this model was available in body structures of the three-door van, three and five-door hatchback. The car was running using three different types of engines those are 1.0 liter A-series, 1.3 liter A-Series, and 1.3 liter A-Series Turbo engines.
The second of the Austin Metro model was available in the different body structures of a three-door panel van, two-door convertible, five-door hatchback, and three-door hatchback. This generation model was using four different types of engines those are 1.1 liter K-series, 1.4 liter SPI K-series, 1.4 MPI K-series, and 1.4 liter diesel engines. The third generation of this model was available in three different body structures those are two-door convertible, three and five-door hatchback. The engines used in this generation were 1.1 liter K-series, 1.4 liter SPI K-series, 1.4 MPI K-series, and 1.4 liter diesel engines. The manufacturer also introduced the rally car of Austin Metro that was available in the three-door hatchback. This model was using rear mid-engine along with four-wheel –drive power terrain.

Review of Austin FX4

The Austin FX4 is very popular with their other name as London Black Taxi. The production of this car was started back in the year 1958, and this model was produced till the year 1997. This model was available in two body structures those are two-door funeral and four-door saloon. This model of Austin came from the version that is Austin FX3. With the increasing popularity of that model in the London taxi, the manufacturer designed the FX4 version with the collaboration with Mann and Overton.
The first Austin FX4 came with a diesel engine that produced 2178 CC of displacement along with the automatic transmission. By the year 1961, a manual transmission was made available for this model. Later in the year that is 1962, the petrol engine with a displacement of 2199 CC was made available as well. Most of the Austin FX4 taxies were coming with diesel engine and manual transmission. In the year 1971, the old diesel engine was replaced with a bigger engine of 2520 CC version. Along with this new engine, automatic transmission proved to be very useful.

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