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Why these archives with modules have only screenshots? Modules are free, but I charge for installation. One installation – $50. Please, download to see if you need it and ask me to install. $50 is common price in modules world. All such so. So I don’t ask anything over.
I am original developer of these modules and these modules can be distributed only by me. Here I list my free X-Cart modules which I was selling before. Step by step installation instruction for each module. After module is installed – check for it in Admin area / modules page. Install by “”, not by HTML file as HTML file is older version from one site where it was for sale and I removed HTML generator to update HTML files.
Important – after module installed, run “cleanup.php” script to clean X-Cart cache for new module. Link looks like
http://your site URL/cleanup.php
You can download modules below. Each download have an archive with screenshots for details. No viruses – only PHP scripts and no programs inside.
If you want – I can install any module. A few modules can be installed for cheaper price. Single module for $100. Modules which are for X-Cart 4.2.X can be easy customized for X-Cart 4.4.x and I can install it under new X-Cart as well. I have all these modules for X-Cart 4.1.X as well for the same $100 which I ask for installation. So for $100 you have installed and upgraded module, but I have rights to list it for all new customers.

I am workign also on Elance

And oDesk,

My name is Oleg. I have over 7-8 years of experience in E-Commerce with X-Cart. Please, check my portfolio for a few completed jobs. Around 70% of completed projects were on custom work and another 30% on completely new sites. 

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Shipping per provider and per product free X-Cart module is free X-Cart Pro module which allow to ship to each provider separately based on provider’s address. Shipping rates displayed separately for each provider with own cost. Also you can disable products to be shipped with some shipping methods and allow them to only defined. Allow only Fast Lane Checkout. Check screenshots in archive for more details

15:40:48 12/12/2013Articles about everything ...
Shipping Insurance free X-Cart module allow your customers to choose – will they pay for shipping insurance or no

15:40:44 12/12/2013Articles about everything ...
Options set free X-Cart module allow your customers to choose different options for each quantity selected. For example if customer select quantity 2 – options will be duplicated without page reloading on the same product details page and customer can choose different options for the second product. If customer choose 5 products quantity – 5 different options sets will be shown. Option set is exact clone of products options section below it. Check screenshot in archive for example how it looks for 3 product quantity

15:40:40 12/12/2013Articles about everything ...
Banking fee free X-Cart module is to make customer to pay banking fee. Additional any payment method separately

15:40:36 12/12/2013Articles about everything ...
Enhanced Options Types free X-Cart module allow to have new products options types: Date selection, time selection and textarea. Check screenshots in archive for more details

15:40:31 12/12/2013Articles about everything ...
Custom templates free X-Cart module allow you to define different templates for products and categories. For example, one category have one style and another is own.

15:40:28 12/12/2013Articles about everything ...
Bundled Products free X-Cart module – allow to sell products in bundle. Similar to buy together, just a better way to offer discounts or for someone who are selling products in bundle only

15:40:24 12/12/2013Articles about everything ...
Buy togehter free X-Cart module is to provide discounts for products which are bought together. Allow many options. Please, check screenshots in archive for more details.

15:40:21 12/12/2013Articles about everything ...
Mass products modifier free X-Cart module allow to modify price or quantity of all products in one click by formula. Check screenshots in archive for more details

15:40:15 12/12/2013Articles about everything ...
Recommended – Batch Products Updating free X-Cart module allow admin to update products from search results page. Please, check screenshot in archive for details

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