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Mukesh Choudhary

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Mukesh Choudhary is Founder & CEO of Cyberops Infosec. He is a Cyber Crime Consultant and Information Security Professional. He has been assisting Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies with his domain expertise from last nine years. His advisories on Cyber Security have been appreciated by armed forces. Mukesh has trained officers of CBI, NIA, ATS, Military Intelligence, Airforce, NSG, CRPF, Police etc.

Mukesh possess an enriching experience in cases related to – Espionage, Forge calling via VoIP, Identity Theft, Cyber Pornography, Credit/Debit Card Fraud, Advanced Fee Fraud/Nigerian Scam, Web Application hacking cases, and even cases related to murder and kidnapping. Visit https://mukeshchoudhary.in
Country: India
Birthday: 1.29.1987
Age: 35
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