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What is IELTS?

IELTS represents International English Language Test System. It is a 30-Year-old demonstrated English capability test program for individuals likewise from Dubai who need to study, work and settle in Canada.

IELTS is utilized for handling migration applications to Canada.

Since Canada utilizes English as the normal language for correspondence, they anticipate that its vagrants from Dubai should be comfortable and capable with English. IELTS is acknowledged as a standard for assessing the aptitudes of Dubai contender for tuning in, Reading, Writing and Speaking in English, thus the IELTS qualified applicants hold an improved open door for a simple and a quality dream profession with managers in the field of Engineering, Law, Finance, Accounting, Energy, Construction, Health care like Nursing, medication and drug store, Aviation, Government, and so forth., in Canada.

A Sign for IELTS Candidates in Dubai who have better vital degree for Canada Migration:

In an ongoing public statement on 08th October 2019, the British University of Dubai has been marked as an affirmed IELTS enrollment and test focus by British Council, who is one of the Joint Owner of IELTS, which can be seen as vital door opened for up-and-comers who need apply for their movement to Canada.

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