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Want to Study in Australia?

To those, who don't know about the Immigration Risk Rating, here is the short diagram:

Utilizing a weighted normal, Immigration hazard evaluations are determined based on all out number of worldwide understudies (counting candidates and understudy visa holder both) with affirmation of enrolment (CoE) for the important course of study from the training supplier.

Here's the means by which it is determined:

Movement Risk Rating Indicators

Rate Weightings    Immigration Risk Rating Indicators

25 % Weighting

Number of Visa Cancellations

40% Weighting

Number of refusals because of an extortion reason on seaward applications.

10% Weighting

Number of refusals (barring extortion) on seaward applications.

15% Weighting

Number of understudy visa holders turning out to be unlawful non-residents.

10% Weighting

Number of Subsequent Protection Visa applications.

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