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Often it can be hard to know where to spend your dirham’s when it comes to decorating your rental house, as you might be weary of things being broken with tenants' turnover.
With white walls, you can't go wrong.
While white walls can get dirty faster than darker walls, when you need to freshen up the interiors between tenancies, you can still be sure to find a tin of bright white paint.
As off-the-shelf colours can be discontinued, it is better to avoid using colour in leased Off Plan Properties in Dubai, meaning you may have to repaint whole rooms if you can't find the exact match.
You can also find that potential tenants don't like the colours you pick, making it hard to find a tenant who tastes like you with the same style. It is advisable that the interiors are as neutral as possible and that something too personalized is avoided.
Bathrooms in Beige
While an all-white bathroom gives the impression of a clean, bright space, look closely and you may find that's not the case. White tiles and grout can very easily look tired and dusty, which means that keeping the bathroom looking new and clean during the tenancy is often difficult for tenants.
Have the property camera ready for you
Although this point is more about having your rental property ready for viewing than how to decorate it, for online ads, it is important that you understand the value of nice, presentable images.
If you can't trust the current tenants to make sure that when the skilled photographer comes round, the Property Developers in Dubai is neat and tidy, it may be worth paying a cleaner to quickly clean and refresh the rooms in the morning before the pictures are taken, as long as the current tenants grant you permission.

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