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The easiest way to sell or handle your property is to use an agent.
One of the pioneers of modernist architecture, Ludwig Mies, helped popularize the idea of "less is more," and prospective property sellers and landlords would be well advised to heed that wisdom. Far too often, owners feel that the simpler and easier it would be to make a contract, the greater the number of agents or channels in which their Property Developers in Dubai is identified, but actually the reverse is true and here's why:
Control of Assets
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The stigma of "unsellable"
What do you think when you see the same home advertised for months on end almost everywhere you look? Is it a must-see property? Or that something is definitely wrong with it? A prolonged and apparent lack of interest is seen by many would-be buyers as a warning sign, especially if it is clear that the seller or landlord has reduced the price one or more times. Scarcity is desirable, the opposite of ubiquity.
Motivation from Agent
It is more probable that an agent who knows an owner and has given them an exclusive listing would work harder to sell or rent that property. You may assume that advertising generates competition between multiple agents and so will inspire them to fight to find a customer the quickest, but that is not the reality-more likely, they may doubt whether it is worth putting in the time and effort when they may be pipped by a competitor and end up with no commission at all.
Click-bait for
It is also harder to prevent additional, unscrupulous brokers from copying the advertisement and including it in their own listings without the consent of the owner when a property is registered with several agents. Usually, unsanctioned ads bid a price well below the market value, attracting naive clients who are then told the property has been sold and are now seen on the books of the dodgy agent to others.
The Listings Checked
One of the reasons Abode Property wanted to operate only with the Checked Listing service, which prioritizes properties for which we have seen paperwork showing the advertising is correct and the broker has permission to promote it, was the Clickbait property advertisements. Checked Listings, on our homepage, receive extra ranking points on portals and are rotated. A checked listing received almost twice the number of enquiries during April 2017, on average, compared to a non-verified listing.
An Oversupply Illusion
It makes it appear that there are considerably more units for sale when assets are listed several times than is the case. Oversupply and even just the perception of it will push lower retail rates, another justification to reduce the clutter of redundant ads.
Stay Lawful
Not only are multiple listings counter-productive, they may also be illegal-the Real Estate Companies in Dubai requires prospective sellers to simultaneously use a maximum of three agents.

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