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It's possible that starting a new life in Dubai would be one of the most thrilling experiences you'll ever have. Living in Dubai, like living in any new world, can be intimidating, particularly if you don't have any realistic knowledge of how things are done here.
The Developers in UAE, and especially Dubai, launched exciting changes aimed at expat residents in 2020. We'll look at the benefits and drawbacks of living in Dubai, as well as realistic advice on citizenship, income, housing, health, and much more, including recent reforms.
With our Dubai guides, you'll know what to expect ahead of time, allowing you to prepare ahead of time and make the most of all the Dubai lifestyle has to bring.
The benefits and disadvantages of living in Dubai can surprise you.
Dubai, like every other city in the country, has a lot of positive aspects as well as some significant disadvantages. When relocating to a different location, it is important to be aware of both the positive and negative aspects of your new surroundings.
The advantages of residing in Dubai
• Dubai is a vibrant and thrilling destination that cannot be overlooked! It is, thus, the place to be if you want to live life in the fast lane both socially and professionally.
• For eight months of the year, the emirate's climate is ideal. Long, hot days dominated by cloudless blue skies and complemented by lovely wet seawaters
• The social aspect of life is wonderful and varied. When they first arrive, many expats visit a hotel or a private beach club and spend all of their free time there. Others could be surprised to learn that the emirate has more athletics and sports clubs than everywhere else in the world! In the evenings, the social scene shifts to pubs, clubs, and restaurants, with Dubai catering to the widest variety of tastes imaginable!
• Dubai has high educational standards, and new schools and colleges are built on a nearly annual basis.
• Any large multinational business – or so it seems! – has a presence in Dubai. This implies that there are many openings.
• No salary is exempt from taxation!
• You can quickly repatriate money, so you can receive a great salary in Dubai while still sending some of it off.
• With its major international airport accepting flights from all over the world, the emirate is becoming increasingly open.
• Dubai is a great place to shop!
• The living standard is exceptionally high.
• The rate of crime is very poor.
• Dubai is a very inclusive emirate, accepting of other people's values and lifestyles. It is also one of the most moderate when it comes to adapting Islamic law to everyone's daily lives. Expats can buy alcohol in Dubai, and they are also permitted to eat and drink during Ramadan's daytime hours.
• Taxis are affordable, and the government is aggressively invested in public transit.
• Automobiles and gasoline are also very inexpensive.
• It's common for families to hire domestic help.
The disadvantages of staying in Dubai
• Dubai is a bureaucratic nightmare, especially for newly arriving expatriates who must obtain licences and permits for all. Of course, you'll require a work permit and a residence permit in Dubai. To ease this initial process of transition, get advice and assistance from the boss in advance, which may potentially throw certain people off living in the emirate!
• The summer months of June to September are almost unbearably hot, so many expats take vacation time to return home at this time. It can be made worse if you have children, as they would be forced to sit indoors in air-conditioned rooms for the majority of the day.
• The traffic situation in Dubai can be intolerable, impacting those who have to drive or carry children to school, among other things. The government's investment initiative in public transportation services is helping to alleviate the crisis, but driving in Dubai can be a long journey.
• In Dubai, housing and education are prohibitively costly.
• Dubai's cost of living is comparable to that of central London, i.e., it is very costly.
• Films, links to blogs, and even services like Skype are all subject to government censorship. This can be limiting and irritating for certain expats.
• Working hours can be lengthy, and multinational businesses operating in Dubai, in particular, have a reputation for expecting a lot from their expat workers. Perhaps they believe they have a form of control of their workers because their wages are higher and increased by the lack of tax?
• Dubai is currently under construction. There are patches of peace and oases of tranquillity scattered across the emirate, but there is also frenetic and constant growth going on, which can make it a little exhausting and overwhelming at times.
• Dubai is not necessarily an environmentally friendly city, nor is it the kind of town where you can go for long walks in peaceful surroundings.
What you make of your time in Dubai Investment Real Estate is entirely up to you. It's a matter of personal decision and desires, as well as determining if the benefits of Dubai (such as a decent income free of taxes) outweigh the disadvantages.

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