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ICSE Class 9 Courses Module

Class 9 is one of the simple classes in the school, however it doesn't imply that understudies need to zero in less on examinations in this class.

We give 2 subjects i.e maths and science which are really the subjects that riddle up the kids.

1 module for getting Mathematics

For a few understudies, maths is an exceptionally confounded subject. 

In this way, we make it route simpler inside 1 module itself.

'ICSE IX Maths' is rich mixed media talks and exercises dependent on Bloom Taxonomy. 

The Online Maths Learning Program covers ICSE and Other Publication Houses for maths. 

It incorporates themes like:

  • Rational and Irrational Numbers
  • Factors
  • Indices
  • Angles at a Point and Parallel Lines
  • Isosceles Triangle
  • Congurent Triangles
  • Inequalities Triangles
  • Constructions ( Triangles)
  • Mid-focuses Theorems
  • Parallelograms


  • Parallelograms
  • Tabulation of crude information
  • Graphical Representation of Data


  • Equations

Areas : 

  • Triangles and Quadrilaterals
  • Areas and Volumes of Cuboid and Cubes.
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