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Wine to run Windows 10 applications on Linux receives a full update

than 7,000 updates.
Wine, the software that Microsoft has made responsible for activating the Windows 10 Windows subsystem for Linux, has been updated with more than 7,400 modifications.
In the era of Windows XP and former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, Microsoft used its Windows Genuine Advantage anti-piracy program to block updates for Wine users on Linux systems.
At that time, the main Microsoft companies refused to publicly acknowledge the existence of Wine, which meant that Microsoft developers were even flattered to block Windows and Office updates for Wine users, as at least this showed that Microsoft was there had recognized.
In today's technical world of cloud computing, interoperable systems and declining desktop sales, Microsoft has proven to be an advocate of the techniques used by Wine developers to make Windows software compatible. With Linux computers. .
Last week, Microsoft submitted an Amicus Curiae report to support Google's position against Oracle's claim that application programming interfaces (APIs) can be protected by copyright. The case of the US Supreme Court UU. Google is scheduled for March.
Microsoft saw Wine as an example of the importance of open APIs that could threaten Oracle's victory. In turn, this could prevent the creation of a feature like WSL in the future, a layer under Windows in which developers can use Linux command line tools to create applications in Azure.
Microsoft shows In another example from the 1990s, an open source developer created a program called Wine that allows developers to run Windows applications on computers that use the Linux open source system without Microsoft's express permission.
To create Wine, developer [d] uses the same hierarchy of function names from different Windows APIs. Years later, Microsoft reversed Wine and re-implemented the structure of some Linux APIs to create the Windows subsystem for Linux, a program that could run Linux programs on Windows.
The Windows Linux experience shows that reusing functional code is a bi-directional task that benefits both the original creator and the next developer, and ultimately the consumer.
The Wine 5.0 update takes advantage of this bi-directional capability and introduces portable executable modules (PE) created in the Windows PE binary file format used in executable files and DLLs.
Wine developers told us that PE binaries are now copied to the Wine prefix instead of fake DLLs, so the prefix "looks more like a real Windows installation, which costs more storage space.
The new version also supports multiple screens and monitors, and Vulkan drivers are compatible up to version 1.1.126 for Android.
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