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Elena Malish

Статус: Actively looking
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Hello, my name is Elena, and I am a good and mature girl with good manners, and I have good growth. I live an easy life and keep an optimistic outlook on life. I respect others and adore my family
and friends. I'm looking for a good person, he should
be a confident person, older than me, a person with a good sense of humor, a balanced type, he must respect
women and to love children, to be able to save their family and the opportunity to compromise when necessary. He must be a man with all his strengths and weaknesses. Woman in love
will accept everything because the real man is a king, a hero on
Earth, God for his wife! Elena
Страна: Россия
День рождения: 16.8.1989
Возраст: 33
E-mail:[email protected]
22:06:52 25/05/2020Elena Malish
Actively looking

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