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What Is Best Budget Phone In UAE, Redmi Vs Realme?

We discussed either Redmi or Realme is best budget phone as living in Dubai. We compared model to model and listed where to find mobile prices in UAE. Redmi and Realme are respectively daughter subsidiaries of Xiaomi and Oppo. The two brands are famous in UAE for releasing affordable smartphones. Therefore, we are holding a comparison among different Realme and Redmi models to see which mobile is worth buying.  

I – Redmi A Vs Realme C:

Both the Redmi A and Redmi C series introduce the cheapest Android smartphones in UAE.
Realme C series offer plastic build, phablet like big display, latest Android OS, good cameras, top-line MediaTek chipset, sufficient RAM and Storage, and satisfying battery life. Coming to Redmi A series, it offers a similar plastic build, average display, sufficient RAM and ROM, and good battery life but the Redmi A comes with entry level Qualcomm chipset and runs older Android OS. You can easily buy either from Realme C (prefix series) or Redmi A (suffix series) under the price of AED 500.

After the comparison, we assumed both of Realme C and Redmi A are best at some points i.e. Realme is better for browsing with bigger screen and to enjoy latest software updates. Contrary, Redmi is better at performance with Qualcomm accelerated hardware.
Realme C3 is the newest from C prefix line while Redmi 8A Dual is the latest from A suffix line.

II – Redmi Note Vs Realme Narzo:

People in Dubai can purchase a handset either from Realme Narzo or Redmi Note series below AED 1,000. Both they are similar as well as having some unique features. With the Realme Narzo series, you can get a big display with HD+ resolution and newer Android OS, Helio G series chip, more RAM and Storage, higher megapixels camera, and non-stop battery. On the other side, Redmi Note series bring a big FHD+ display, latest Android software, high-end MediaTek chip, sufficient RAM and ROM, higher MP optics, and a long life battery. Redmi Note 9 and Realme Narzo 10 are the latest budget smartphones in UAE.

Choose Realme Narzo if you need more memory while Redmi Note if you are a Netflix user.

III – Redmi Standard Vs Realme Standard:

The standard phones of Redmi and Realme are launching directly under the brand (not a specific series). Such Realme and Redmi mobile prices in UAE range between AED 700 and AED 1500. Realme 6 and Redmi 10X 4G are the latest smartphones in UAE. They assign each other a tough competition. If you are a photography lover, you might choose Realme 6 as it has 64MP primary camera and is capable of 4k video recording. But if you are a multi-tasker and also want a longer talk and play time, you should look for Redmi 10X 4G. There is another 5G variant of Redmi 10X and you can buy it for faster online video streaming.

IV – Redmi K Vs Realme X:

These are flagship smartphones providing high-end features at reasonable price. Redmi K and Realme X phones come with latest Android OS, powerful Qualcomm SD800 series chip, up to 12GB RAM, higher megapixels cameras like 64MP, 8k or 4k video shooting capability, Slow-mo at 960fps, and high enduring batteries with super-fast charge. Within the price of AED 1500 to AED 3000, UAE people can buy a Realme X or Redmi K smartphone. The newest members of X and K lineups are Realme X3 SuperZoom and Redmi K30 Pro Zoom. Their highlights are,

A - Realme X3 SuperZoom has 120Hz LCD Display, Snapdragon 855+ SoC, 8GB RAM along 128GB Storage, 4200mAh battery with 30W fast charge, and side-mounted Fingerprint. It is eligible for 4k shots, HD Slow-mo at 960fps, and up to 60x hybrid zoom.

B – Redmi K30 Pro Zoom comes with 60Hz AMOLED Display, Snapdragon 865+ chip, 8GB RAM along 128GB Storage, 4700mAh battery with 33W fast charge, and In-Screen Fingerprint technology. It enables 8k video recording, FHD Slow-mo at 960fps, and up to 30x hybrid zoom.

Both they have pros and cons, but overall Redmi K30 Pro Zoom is better with AMOLED screen, SD865 performance, high-res 8k images, and 4700mAh powerhouse. Apart from this, Realme X3 SuperZoom is still a better choice against some mid-range Redmi K series phones like Redmi K30 itself (as we can’t neglect 120Hz gaming and the ability to take 60x zoomed-in photographs).

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