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Which is the most affordable DSLR which shoots 4k?

How do you define affordability? 5d mark 4 is a flagship camera. It’s priced relatively higher than the entry and mid level DSLRs. If you are looking for something in the Rs. 25k to 30k range then I don’t think you will get any in canon or Nikon. You can go for Sony mirrorless like the a6000 series which range around 50k. They give you all features which a 5d mark 4 does but are crop sensors. If you are looking for a full frame then you should go ahead with the Sony A7 mark 3. Definitely more affordable and better. If you want to try them before buying I would suggest renting them. If you are based in Mumbai and you want a DSLR On Rent you can try renting it from Paxton equipments.

Which is better, the Canon 5D Mark IV or the Sony A7 mark 3?

It’s subjective. Canon users will swear by the 5d mark 4 and sony users will choose the A7 mark 3. Canon cameras are robust, have good grips, they are user friendly ,etc. Sony Mirrorless series are small delicate cameras, lightweight and with a tiltable screen. If you are purely looking for photography with high megapixels then I will suggest buying the Sony A7 mark 3, if you are looking for a hybrid with touch autofocus then go ahead with the canon 5d mark 4. Incase you want to try it before buying and you can always rent them first.If you are based in Mumbai and you want a  5d mark 4 On Rent or Sony A7 mark 3 on rent you can try renting it from Paxton equipments.

What video camera is best among the Sony NX 100 and the Canon XF 305?


Canon XF 305 all the way. Looking at the features the Canon XF 305 HD and 15x zoom while the NX 100 has HD and 12x zoom. Incase you want to rent a video camera and you are based in Mumbai you can check Paxton Equipments.

Which is the better DSLR camera, a Canon 5D Mark 3 or a 5D Mark 4?


Which one is better..iPhone X or IPhone 11? Ofcourse the 5D mark 4 is better. With dual pixel raw , touchscreen, 4K it has tons of features which it’s proceeder didn’t have. The autofocus on the 5d mark 4 has improved considerably compared to the 5d mark 3. But individually 5d mark 3 is still a great camera. Many wedding photographers still use the 5d mark 3. In case you are looking for a Canon 5d mark 4 on rent and you are based in Mumbai you can check out Paxton Equipments.

Which is a better camera - a Nikon D810 or a canon 5D mark 4?


Okay, I have used both. Firstly you have to understand both of them are flagship DSLR models from their respective companies. D810 has been in the industry for a while now while 5d mark 4 came a couple of years back. Have you ever used a canon or Nikon before. If you haven’t I would recommend you to first try them out before buying. If you are based in Mumbai you want to Rent a Canon 5d mark 4 or Rent a Nikon D810 you can check out Paxton Equipments , other cities you can google rental companies. It’s like choosing between android and Apple. Both have different UIs. Whatever you are comfortable with you should go with that. I will suggest you using the Nikon D810 if you want to do photography since it has slightly higher megapixel and Nikon traditionally has beautiful colours. If video is your thing or you are looking for a hybrid camera then go for the 5D mark 4. Both are amazing in their own ways.

Which camera is best, the Canon 5D Mark 4, Nikon 850 or the Nikon D5?


Now that’s very subjective..Its more like Iphonevs Samsung. Canon and Nikon both are leading brands in the DSLR market. Though canon has many more users and a lot more Lens options, Nikon has its loyal client base. Nikon users generally stick to Nikon whole Canon users stick to canon. It’s more about the comfort. Overall I would suggest you buying the mark 4 since it’s really good for video too. If you are a new user and only want to do photography then you can go with Nikon. Incase you want to try and then buy then you can rent them from rental companies.If you are looking for these Cameras on rent in Mumbai thenyou can try Paxton Equipments.

Which is the cheapest drone you can buy in India legally with a camera?


You can try buying drones from amazon or Flipkart. Even alibaba is good but they take a lot for delivery. But super cheap drones available there. DJI drones are a little expensive but worth the money.Incase you want to Rent DJI products in Mumbai you can contact Paxton equipments. That’s if you have a professional shoot. Else just buy one fly and enjoy :)

Where is the best place to rent Canon DSLR lenses?


If you are looking to rent canon lenses in Mumbai then Paxton Equipments is the place to go..they boast of having the largest range of canon and Sony lenses in Mumbai.. they also deal in other brands like sigma, rokinons, Nikon, Carl ziess etc. you can visit their website www.paxtonequips.com
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