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Livetecs LLC is a leading provider of web-based business products and custom software solutions for small and medium sized businesses. We are over nine years in the software development market. We have thousands of small and medium sized customers. We also provides integrated solutions to manage customers, employees and projects. For more info:- https://www.livetecs.com/

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15:04:25 05/12/2020Livetecs LLC
Need Timesheet mobile

Need Timesheet mobile App! Get in touch with Livetecs. With our auto punch features, employee’s entry can be punched in and out of job sites as they enter and exit Livetecs job sites during their scheduled hours. You will get accurate timesheets with shift times and travel! Employees can easily install the app on their device and go to work!! You will get real time reports for quick payroll processing and job labor costing in detail with accuracy. We offer easy and cost effective time and attendance systems for businesses of any size. If your organization has several employees, then you need a time and attendance system. But only the perfect system with accuracy will save you both time and money. You can collect time records with our time clock systems. We have various solution to meet your time recording needs such as traditional Bundy Clocks, Fingerprint Clocks, Swipe Cards, Face Scan Clocks and now Phone apps and Web Clocking,. For more information:- https://magnifiedads.com/business-services/high-performing-employee-timesheet.html

15:03:39 05/12/2020Livetecs LLC
Looking for employee Timesheet

Looking for employee Timesheet? Livetecs is here to help you. Timesheet software makes easy for employees to record their working times, activities and absence and make expense and mileage claims online. Due to having features of accessible from anywhere, users can provide a real time picture of their working day, providing accurate data for Payroll or invoicing, simplifying cost and project management. It allows users to track the working hours across multiple projects and activities, and record attendance, absence, time-off-in-lieu and holidays. Our advanced and latest mobile app lets your team manage key tasks as they’re out and about. Employees can submit timesheets against different work items or cost centers by selecting start, end and break times or using the GPS start/stop timer. You’ll find the most accurate and perfect timesheets possible sent straight to payroll. For more information:- http://www.aunetads.com/view/item-1469266-Affordable-Employee-Time-Tracking.html

15:02:47 05/12/2020Livetecs LLC
Perfect employee time tracking

Find the perfect employee time tracking software at Livetecs. Time is recorded with accuracy and in real time with a simple fingerprint scan, a card swipe, or a facial recognition scans. This software gives the peace of mind that you are only paying the wages that you should. Our latest technology shows the actual hours worked by your employees and also enables you to compare the actual hours worked to the hours paid. You can easily handle timesheets on any device to view payroll, send accurate invoices and save thousands each year. Employees can make an entry instantly. You can easily work with this software, take a break, change job codes, or add timesheet details in seconds. It is a simple way for employees to clock in from one device. It is a cost-effective alternative clocks, it works on any device such as computer or tablet with an internet connection, is biometric, and is optimized for quick clock in. For more information:- https://www.provenexpert.com/livetecs-llc2/

15:01:53 05/12/2020Livetecs LLC
Want online Timesheets

Want online Timesheets software! Come to Livetecs. We offer a variety of options to track working hours and generate accurate timesheets. It links timesheet data to payroll automatically, making the process fast and seamless. We are passionate about employee timesheets and payroll. There are various factors such as efficient capture, processing and delivery of employee time that are a key to accurate payroll. Timesheet tool lets your staff complete their timesheets using any internet connected device. When you use it, your team’s working activity hours, leave and holidays are automatically included in your payroll. It keeps a secure online record of the hours worked and breaks taken by employees each day. You can avoid the data entry and costly payroll mistakes by generating your payroll directly from online timesheets. For more information:- https://nearfinderau.com/business/wa/florida/software/livetecs-llc_1381284+1.html#sucesso_avaliacao

15:01:03 05/12/2020Livetecs LLC
Buy timekeeping software

Buy timekeeping software from Livetecs. Our time tracker software allows employees to record and track time and the hours they’ve worked, as well as track time spent on projects and clients at ease – all at one low price! Our time tracking software easily interfaces with our Projects module to simplify project management and track exactly where your money is going! You can track time, manage employee timesheets & boost productivity across clients & projects with our time tracking software! It has built-in time tracking, job costing & scheduling tools, and with the help of these tools, supervisors can also assign shifts to employees. It is totally customizable and easy to implement, timekeeping software system ensures labor data accurately represents your workforce. It is a tool that helps leaders manages both projects and teams within one tool. It improves both work management and team collaboration and considered as a service platform. For more information,:- https://wke.lt/w/s/w36Hj-

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