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Vadim Tsaregorodcev

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My positive qualities? Even a rhesus factor have a negative.
I'm not selfish - I just know how to live for themselves.
I'm not arrogant - I just don't think everyone needs to smile.
I'm not daring - I just do not climb his words.
I'm not jealous - I just don't like when people mess with mine.
I'm not offended - I make conclusions.
I have no enemies, they have me.
I have my own opinion, which I will not refuse.
I have principles which I adhere to.
I don't hang out with people who are irrelevant to me.
I don't cheat - I flirt.
I do not flirt - I hone skills of seduction.
I don't lie, but often keep back.
I'm not beautiful, but stunningly sweet.
I can't be the second... and first... I may be the only...
I'm not clairvoyant - I capocasa.
When it's hard, I always remind myself that if I give up better not be.
I lead a healthy lifestyle because unhealthy I don't have enough time and money.
I will always appreciate only those who are with me until the last.
I'm not looking for the best, they surround me are my friends.
I live to be remembered every jerk, encountered on my way...
I am often accused of cynicism and selfishness - and I just don't want to contact with pathetic hypocrites with ostentatious kindness.
Don't like waiting and catching up. Especially waiting for those who do not catching up, they are waiting for...
I have a very patient nature, like a discount system. The main thing - do not get under my hand bonuses...
No people I hate: there are people who are just not something to love.
I do not envy those who envy me.
But it is better to let envy than regret!
I can offend everyone, but not everyone has time to apologize.
I'm hard to make friends, but to love me is already at the level of extreme. I never wanted to be a good. Only the best...
I'm not in love with myself. Just like very.
I need to indulge... and if I'm not spoiling, I begin to indulge myself.
It is impossible to defeat me - I don't participate in competitions.
I'm not a tyke, but can get nasty if you don't understand...
I don't believe in miracles, but waiting for them every day and every minute...
Don't like? It is what it is, not put back!!!
Are you trying to understand me? Funny. Me too... no one understands me as much as I don't even understand myself...
All my mistakes have an excuse: I live for the first time.
Страна: Россия
Область: Псковская обл.
Город: Псков
День рождения: 20.3.1994
Возраст: 28
E-mail:[email protected]
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