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The basic information that you need to know about PREP.

Pre-exposure prophylaxis refers to any therapy used to avoid contracting a disease before being exposed to it. So you actually take this medication to avoid becoming infected with HIV before you are exposed to the virus. This particular treatment plan employs antiretroviral medications, which are often used for treating HIV infections. Tenofovir as well as emtricitabine in a combination tablet are the medicines being tested by researchers. In animal models, studies showed that this combo was extremely efficient in preventing infection. A human experiment conducted last year also indicated that this combo was effective in reducing possible infections. The average decrease was 42%.

What is needed for HIV Prep to be effective?
One distinction between animal as well as human research is that humans really aren't kept in cages and are not carefully watched. Human studies entail administering the medicines to high-risk groups and requiring them to submit for testing every several weeks. Test participants who strictly adhered to the medication regimen received more safety than those who didn't strictly adhere to the programme. HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis is the best option.

So, in order for something like this to function, people taking the medicines must strictly adhere to the procedures in order to reap the greatest benefit. They were also encouraged to use protection on a regular basis, and these preventive measures were evaluated and repeated at each and every protocol visit. HIV Prep and PEP is used widely.

Which populations might benefit from HIV prevention?
The most secure technique of avoiding HIV virus transmission is to avoid having unprotected intercourse or exchanging used drug needles. Pre-exposure prophylaxis might be viewed as an extra preventive strategy. Some have speculated that it could work for people who wish to have children but one spouse is HIV positive as well as the other is not. Another application would be for women who seem to have no choice but to insist upon their partners using condoms. Because Prep isn't really 100% effective, this must be considered a supplementary preventive strategy. Reducing Your Risk of Contracting HIV through medications is easy.

What are the most prevalent concerns about using HIV Prep?
AIDS groups have raised concern that taking Prep may provide a false sense of security. This may lead to a decrease in condom use among high-risk populations. Another worry highlighted is that taking the medication before to an infection may result in drug resistance in the event of a subsequent illness. There seem to be ethical questions regarding how drug testing is carried out in high-risk communities. Concerns include the usage of a placebo with a potentially fatal condition, as well as a lack of counseling for trial patients in certain areas. Prep seems to be a step in the best direction, but it's not the complete solution. You can Reduce Your Risk of HIV Infection with the help of PREP.

Lastly, another ethical problem is making antiretroviral medicines available for prevention to uninfected people who could afford them, despite the fact that millions of infected people throughout the world can't afford this therapy!
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