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Hello! I'm Florence, co-founder of Lovemère.
I am a mum of three children. I started this company during the last trimester of my firstborn. Since then, throughout all my pregnancies and nursing times, I have been wearing the bras and garments that we created. My team and I have made sure the garments are just right for mums before we launched them.
Country: Singapore
E-mail:[email protected]



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5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Maternity Clothes

Pregnancy is an important and memorable milestone in women’s lives but with growing body find perfect pregnancy clothes might be difficult. Here are some tips for choosing the right maternity clothes that will help you feel confident in your skin while maintaining impeccable style and comfort.

09:51:03 14/03/2022Lovemere Store
5 Cool Maternity Wear Options for Working Moms-to-Be

Now, these days more women are working through their pregnancy than ever before. They need comfortable modern maternity clothes without breaking their budget for daily professional life. It’s quite difficult to find affordable new maternity clothes in Singapore. Never fear! Here are 5 cool maternity wear options from pregnancy tops to maternity dresses for working moms out there:
  1. Hensley Crew Tee
  2. Bridget Shorts
  3. Black Maternity City Shorts
  4. Black Maternity Office Pencil Skirt
  5. Sydney Midi Maternity Dress

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Best Bras to Wear During Pregnancy – Lovemere

The best type of bra recommended for women during pregnancy is the Nursing bra. The nursing bras are generally known as feeding or Maternity Bras. During pregnancy, your breast becomes more sensitive and keeps increasing in size. If you are looking for a reliable and comfortable nursing bra online store then, Lovemere can be the ultimate option available in Singapore. Moreover, all their new maternity clothes are available at an affordable and reasonable price range.

09:16:50 03/12/2021Lovemere Store
Reward Your Bump with Stylish and Beautiful Maternity Dresses

When you are pregnant, usually around the second trimester, you might feel like the regular dresses you are wearing is now too tight or uncomfortable. This is a sure sign that it’s now time to reward yourself with some stylish and beautiful maternity dresses. Explore best maternity dresses online in Singapore at attractive dresses.

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Moderm Maternity Clothes

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