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Country: United States
Birthday: 1.2.1985
Age: 38
04:17:27 04/01/2018servi dei
Good day! Nice to meet you. I servi dei , translated from Latin, the assistant of God, I'm a gardener, planted poplar trees against parasites , too many divorced them in the world.. I know this is a very helping nature.. so you have to constantly watch what would the parasites do not spread to my Homeland... my homeland is the most beautiful in the song: there are many fields, forests and rivers... now in my country strangers parasites live his life, but we soon remedied and will flourish again my home, endless Paradise the Great of Russia and mother earth... my friends call me bear ... we Russians don't need foreign lands, a million times could go to any country, but does not pull me there.. I am happy that the Rusich that was born here and to die the time comes I will be with my family parents and grandparents..my grandfather had discovered the North pole with the king, protected by the grandfather of the plague of the Nazis under Stalingradom fell death brave, dad my hero of labour and I had a little help from Russia...if interestingly write I will be glad to see

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