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Keeping few things in mind is very necessary

It’s superb news that you are going for pole dance classes. It is really a very big step and your first step towards the journey of fitness will be great. This article deals with what sort of pole dance costumes you should wear for your classes as you need to be self-confident during your practice sessions. Try to read the full article for knowing which pole dances apparel are best.
Always remember one thing that you are going for learning something so doesn’t consider it as a fashion show. It is a place for a workout so you don’t need to look stylish. You should opt for clothes in which you feel comfortable while working out.

Pole dance is a form of dance in which rigorous exercise is required and that’s why you need to choose such pole dance costumes which are comfortable and doesn’t hinder your learning. In this form of dancing there are spins around the pole, floor work, stretches and various other tricks are included.

Pole dancing is a type of dance done around or on a metal pole. You need proper friction between pole and skin so that you firmly hold the pole. You need to hold the pole with legs or hands. If you are wearing any trouser or legging then it will be very difficult for you to have a proper grip over the pole and chances are there you may get injured.

Dance poles are built from a different type of materials like chromium, stainless steel, etc. Sometimes poles are made up gold & brass also as they have super gripping properties. So avoid wearing skimpy outfits.

It is advisable to wear shorts and a sports bra. A sports bra is considered best as you can pair it with crop top so that you look fashionable also. Pole dance shorts are very comfortable and it doesn’t cause any problem while performing. You can also pair tank tops with shorts. For warmer sessions you may wear leggings or a yoga pant but not during rehearsals.

If you are at the beginning level then you should practice bare feet & bare arm. Even for advanced tricks, you have required bare midriff also.  You may have seen in movies that a pole dancer wears footwear of 5 or 6 inches and dance well but you should not try this if you are a beginner. Those dancers are well trained and able to perform so effortlessly because of hard work. Once you become comfortable only then practice with high heels.

Generally, pole dance classes are for women’s only sometimes it happens men’s are there but still you feel confident as pole community is very awesome and broad-minded. You should never feel conscious of the body. There are males and females of different sizes join these pole classes for fitness. Choosing the best pole dance apparel helps you in feeling confident. Many times many online sites offer pole wear sales you can pick pole dance costume from that sale as you will get them at affordable prices.

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