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Everyone has at least one or one. I mean the friend who can tell an absolutely terrible Tinder story, not only from hearsay, but from his own painful experience. Sure, in online dating, the selection is large and the inhibition threshold to address someone, also significantly lower. Of course, there is a BUT: The proportion of Poser, Blender, show off and simply completely stupid. Male as female.
Offline is of course not all sugar, but there you see at least whether behind Andy, 27, athletic and independent, actually Andy, 43, stuck, who still lives with Mutti and looks more like Calli Calmund.

No matter where you look, online casinos are full of slot machines of all kinds. From jackpot online slots to video slot machines, these games turn out to be as different as the players challenging their luck.

The stupid thing is: To get to know someone outside the internet, you have to go out and become active yourself. And that, where anyway everyone just falls in love online. Not true, because the places or areas where couples meet for the first time, the network is only in fifth place.
And where do you look specifically, except at single parties and in clubs? We have some suggestions for you.


Still a classic for dating. The best are organized groups, because unlike the gym (where you can flirt super flirt, of course) you will inevitably get in touch with the other members. But a smaller number is also possible, if you are not on clubs and memberships. Loose groups like a running club or regular meetings with other outdoor sports are informal and cost nothing, but offer you a lot of contact with new people.


No, no videocassette (for the younger ones among you: the unwieldy things with band, on which one had previously stored and watched films), but the community college. That sounds pretty stuffy, but it does not have to be that way. You can let off steam there creatively, learn to cook, do sports or - two birds with one stone - educate you for the job. In almost every city there is a VHS and the offers are also affordable.


The cruise for lonely and desperate singles with speed dating and dancing in the evening does not necessarily have to be. Organized group tours are not fundamentally bad! Depending on what you are so in the mood, you can immerse yourself in culture until you drop or you can do a lot of sports. The advantage: You get to know people who have the same interests as you.


Well, even if it says "Never dip your pen in office ink", at work there are still many couples. The good thing is: You have to go there every day anyway! Of course, there are a few rules to be followed (eg no secrecy, prefer not to start with superiors and no intimacies at work), but if someone from the (not too tight) circle of colleagues interests you - why not.


That does not sound very hip either, but honestly - why not? Apart from the fact that you can do something good, learn a lot and social commitment is also welcome in applications, you will get to know many interesting people. And who is engaged in his free time for others, can not be a total loss of character, right?


Hobbies are an almost inexhaustible source of new acquaintances, whether you're looking for friends or more of a partner (unless your hobby takes place in your own living room, then chances are rather poor). The point is - no matter if you are interested in music, sports, art or even dwarf rabbit breeding - most of the hobbies are in clubs or groups. Inevitably one gets in contact with various people. Without crampy startups or flirting tactics.

If you still want to try it out classically while going out, then take a look at our contributions on flirting for men or women. Or you get inspired by Eric, who diligently asked couples how and where they met! There is certainly one or the other good tip.


We do not want to miss the time with our girls and buddies. Do you want to meet new people, flirt with others or just chat a bit? Then you are exactly right here: These nine apps are just happy. Assuming: You also remain nice with online dating ... (otherwise read on here).

Is Vero the new alternative to Instagram? The app, which was published in 2015, is currently experiencing an unexpected hype. Just the millionth user was greeted, every day more curious people register - and at the same time the first annoyed users are getting out again (which is supposedly not that easy ...). But what distinguishes Vero from the competition? According to own statement there is no advertisement and the posts are displayed without chronological chronological. How long the trend will last and whether Vero will prevail against the strong competition, will show in the next few months. If you want to take a look at the "true" social media app, click here for the Vero iPhone app and the Vero Android app!

Tinder is still flirting until the display glows. Tinder shows you people from the area who might suit you. Wiping to the right means: I really want to get to know you. To the left: better not. If someone else also wipes in the introductory direction, they say: flirt! 1.4 billion times is wiped every day, 26 million matches meet daily, says Tinder. Click here for the Tinder iPhone App and the Tinder Android App!

This is not just about looks - it's the voice that counts! Or as Whispar says: "Love is in the EAR". At Whispar you get suggestions for possible matches. The blurry photos only slowly become sharp when you listen to the personal performance via audio file. Then it goes on as usual from Tinder: If both are impressed by the voice, you are a match. Click here for the Whispar iPhone App and the Whispar Android App!
Grindr and Wapa

Online dating is also very popular in the LGTBQ community. Grindr is one of the largest flirting apps for gay and bisexual men with over 5 million active worldwide members. The profiles are sorted according to the distance of the respective user and also allow the search for different interests. Get to know lesbian and bisexual women from all over the world? This is possible with the Wapa app. With up to 60-second video messages and an integrated translator, getting to know each other is no longer an issue. Click here for the Grindr iPhone App and the Grindr Android App. Click here for the Wapa iPhone App and the Wapa Android App.
Go Crush

The new socializing app of the Frankfurt start-up promises a relaxed get-a-way without long chatting - directly on site. This is how online becomes very fast offline: the uncomplicated meetings take place in groups of six in a restaurant proposed by the app and follow self-defined topics, such as "photography lovers" or "women's gathering" or "game night". Currently available in eleven German cities - more to come!
Click here for the Go Crush iPhone App and the Go Crush Android App!

No app for Lazy - here creative flirting is required! With Candidate or the "question-answer dating game" you can ask your counterpart questions about your favorite topics and rate the answers. This is how you get to know each other easily and playfully. Click here for the Candidate iPhone App and the Candidate Android App.

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