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Blueprint Studios

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Property Videographer

Our Auckland based team are leading the way in creating the highest quality premium real estate marketing media. Our video and photography will make your property stand out from the crowd. Please get in touch for a quote. Blueprint Studios is in the category of the most experienced property Videographer provider.

Property Videography Auckland

We’ll make sure any listing that goes onto the market looks the best it possibly can. We aim to engage with a consumer but still leave enough of your home to the imagination.

Professional Real Estate Videographer in Auckland New Zealand

Real Estate Videos aren’t a new development yet very rarely do you see anything new. We know our style works to withhold the right information while drawing a watcher’s attention to the great parts of your home. A fix of wide and tight angles to show flow and details. We film productions for property because we love it. Contact Us

06:54:38 04/06/2021Blueprint Studios

Drone Videography

We produce dramatic aerial drone Videography and videos for residential estate agents. Using quality interior and exterior images coupled with aerial photography is a winning sales combination. This is particularly relevant for high value luxury residential property, where sales videos are now becoming more popular. By marketing your business with compelling and truly unique content, you can significantly improve your ability to attract and retain customer attention.

Blueprint Studios knows that it is quicker to sell properties to customers who can even decide better and quicker. Because customers are in a better position to make up their mind and make a decision, such drone videography services allow them to easily make a decision and help you make sales easily and quickly. It also broadens the room for better negotiations where you can even negotiate deals with your customer only if he or she is impressed with what you had to offer using drone photography. For real estate companies that are running on a set budget, investing in professional drone photography or drone videos turns out to be cost-effective in the long run. Such specialized real estate photography services are cost-friendly and hiring a professional photographer for the same will also not burn a hole in your pocket. The following drone video applications for real estate companies have largely helped customers get a bigger, comprehensive and accurate view of the entire property and all amenities that are included in the surroundings. Some ways in which drone videos can be applied are all in all, there are many reasons to convince companies to hire professionals to take outstanding photos. Images are valuable and used in many projects and presentations, so having a specialist by your side makes everything easier.

It is professional drone videography that is associated with the large real estate industry and is used for showing different estates to the buyers. So, working as an owner of a real estate company whether big or small, you must think about using real estate photography services in order to make your business a success. The same applies to the real estate industry so working as a realtor, if you want to create a great first impression on your clients' then real estate photography is the best way out to create eye-catchy views. Capturing great images by professionals puts a positive image on the minds of potential buyers and influences them to make a mindset to buy the estate which can benefit you and the property owners.

06:53:32 04/06/2021Blueprint Studios

Property Photography

Blueprint Studios is an Auckland base studio specialising in photography & design. Looking for a professional Property Photography team to sell your property, generate interest in your development, or promote your real estate business through stunning video? Then contact us today to discuss the option of an aerial view of your property or building in Auckland.

Blueprint Studios knows that whether you're a property broker, college, theme park owner, municipality or golf course, aerial photography can help you develop in on your promotion savvy and get results. It is the perfect promotion adjunct for promoting homes, attracting new students in your college and increasing tee offs at golf courses.

Seeing an item in its surrounding is the purpose of property photography. For this venture, you need a cameraman that operates an airplane with a digital camera. The expert should be familiar with the place so that he doesn't require information from the entrepreneur. Aerial Photography is an expensive project but you have to bear the cost as there is no alternative to this art. There is hardly any company that doesn't need services of this photography but if you want to know about the company that utilizes this specialist photography service the most, then the answer would be real estate companies.

06:52:07 04/06/2021Blueprint Studios

Property Photographer

We specialists in Real Estate Photography, Floor plans, Video and Drone/Aerial. Blueprint Studios is a leading real estate Property Photographer Company. We operate Auckland wide and provide competitive pricing. Our goal is to produce quality marketing for your property. We also provide latest technology to create impressive and effective floor plans to make the process of purchasing property easier for potential buyers.

Blueprint Studios knows that it is the new age marketing tool very helpful to lure the customers and make them satisfied within no time. Earlier, it was considered only for high-end properties, but now property photographer service is also being used by low and medium agents as well. It is all about taking photographs of the ground and the desired property from an elevated/directed-down position. During taking photographs, the camera does not go along with a ground-based structure. It is done taking help of various things like helicopter, aircraft, balloons, blimps, rockets, pigeons, parachutes etc. It has been using for a long time. To analyze the situation after the fight, this type of photography was done. In the new age real estate world, the importance of Drone photography cannot be underestimated. Let's know about the benefits of this photography.

It indicates towards the angles of the home, features, property line and layout in a discreet manner. Low elevated shots are also taken to give a unique and slightly raised angle of the desired property. It cannot be done by the simple photography. It helps the potential buyer to know more about the desired property and get satisfied. It does not only cover the desired property but the neighborhood and surrounding area as well. It also captures the home's proximity to amenities. One of the biggest names in the styling industry states that although styling a house is essential, great photography is just as important to fetch top money for the property.

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