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Are you tired with all these social networks and just want to find something really new and not well-trodden, where you could find new friends and get new acquaintances just with a blink of your eye? Then you have just found the right place, because social network offers you unlimited possibilities for communication. Even though our web-portal is pretty new, some experts are already calling it “New Odnoklassniki”. Right now you have a great possibility to become famous and popular blogger with thousands of friends and followers. Besides that, here you can find your second half and attain happiness!

We unite people from all over the world

Modern social networks are so ambitious that they not only work in their homeland, but it many other countries, which allows users to look for new friends in our entire world. Russian experts suggest that such feature helps to develop information technologies, and in some situations even creates several varieties of youth subcultures.

The fact that social networks complete all work to find people, affects this entire situation. To perform such search social network involves confidential information (which is always kept private) from user’s profile. Thus, any authorized user of social network can just select spread of their interests, and system in automatic mode will thoroughly search for people with similar views. It’s really important to monitor all existing social networks constantly. Based on the foregoing, we can make conclusion that the modern dating site offers huge opportunities for communication. Every user can:

  • share any useful information and get something new every day;
  • create own blog and post personal ideas and interesting thoughts;
  • search for like-minded people who are willing to share opinion;
  • have interesting discussions on various themes;
  • find new acquaintances in any desired part of the world:
  • search for his or her second half;
  • post photographs;
  • ask for advice from friends with great experience;
  • keep private information;
  • share some important and really personal things;
  • stay informed about important events in lives of friends or relatives;
  • study and learn;
  • participate in main cultural activities;
  • listen to the music and watch video clips in real time;
  • stay informed about last and real news in the world;
  • use fast-chat for communication;
  • work and establish new connections with international partners;
  • use all the functionality of member’s part of the website and many other things.
Unfortunately, these days statistic shows us that only in Russia we have several dozens of various social networks, and only some of them can be really troubleproof. In some cases you can face with fraud where criminals create online portals only to obtain and download private information of users (e.g. photos, private data, music, videos etc.). That’s why before you register on new dating resource you have to find one that really inspires confidence. Great example of such web-portal is new, but really promising social network, called, which already unites several dozens of thousands of users.

What are we ready to offer? social network — is the totally interactive web-portal, which involves wide audience. Some people already call us “new facebook” or “new Odnoklassniki”, because we are offering wide choice of services to our registered users.

Our main feature is that we were thoroughly inspecting and analyzing work of existing social networks, which allowed us to create and form our own vision of dating website. In other words, we tried to imagine that our work is the same as our hobby, which allowed us to obtain perfect results. We made search of love, friends or work partners more accessible than it ever was! Everyday new and really beautiful guys and girls are registering on our website, and they are not only from Russia or CIS, but even from other continents! In this situation our advanced search engine is really useful, allowing to select several parameters and find person of your dreams.

Main features of our web portal

As we mentioned above, this new social network was developed in order to provide maximum comfort to our users. To reach that goal we included advanced text editor, which provides all tools, necessary for personalization. In other words, while personalizing their blog, users can choose:
  • text formatting style;
  • text color;
  • font size;
  • alignment;
  • hyperlinks;
  • subtitles;
  • numeric and bulleted lists;
  • images and photos.
Thank to all these features, communication on our website is easy and nice. Thus, you can edit your blog and post new useful notes anytime during night or day and you can do that in your own and personal way. In addition, it is really necessary to underline great opportunities to socialize.

Personal account functions social network provides really easy and intuitively clear registration process, which will take not more than couple of minutes. After authorization user receives personal account, which includes:
  • members area;
  • page for demonstration (wall);
  • thematically divided categories (photo, video, groups, music, interests etc.);
  • newsfeed (chronicle).
All mentioned features are included into nice interactive interface with modern design. We guarantee that you will love your personal page. Furthermore, thanks to all these features, your friends will always be notified about new interesting events, which take place in your life.

Working with graphic

It’s not a secret that photographs take really huge role in social network of any kind. Our free dating website is equipped with modern and easy-to-use editor, where you can:
  • upload photos and images from any device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) really easy and comfortable;
  • use simultaneous upload feature;
  • divide images into albums;
  • select and set privacy level (access to private photos);
  • load your avatar and enhance it.
The functionality of our website is so wide, that you can work professionally with graphic of any kind without need to use of any special knowledge. We have already made sure that user interface is really easy and friendly. Furthermore, our dedicated test group checked all the features of the portal, eliminating all errors and bugs, such as:
  • improper photo uploading
  • lack of preview function for high-definition images;
  • continuous photo uploading etc.

Advanced settings

Please note that advanced settings are available for every user, making it possible to change various parameters of your account. You can set your page any way that you want to. Great example of such settings is the friends sector of your profile, where you can specify the degree of relationship, edit their names and show full list of your friends. Furthermore, any registered user can make special notes for any desired friend, to facilitate search process in contact list. List can also be formatted in any desired way: you can easily move contacts up and down according to your personal priorities.

Our free dating website is equipped with ultramodern internal chat and notification systems, which may look similar to such systems in other social networks, like Facebook, «VK», «Odnoklassniki», «My World» and so on. To get all the information, you have just to click on corresponding notification. Our website provides nice sound effects, which can be easily disabled.

We should also mention the privacy of all kinds of resources on which we place special emphasis. It allows user to personally select privacy and data access levels. It’s really important to know that all private data loaded to account, is carefully saved and secured by system, without any unwanted access. We guarantee 100% confidentiality of any text or graphic information.

Additional features

Our new social network will help you to find even those friends, whom you lost many years ago. To find them you can just specify institutions in which you studied (and years of studies too), as well as military unit and information about place of work. Advanced text editor will allow you to tell all the information about you and share your great ideas.

In addition to everything that was mentioned above, our website, more commonly known as “new facebook” will give you access to the section with interesting articles, which can be updated with your help. Each article allows users to evaluate information and comment it, therefore your friends will appreciate your work. Update your own blog, create something really unique, realize your own potential and become professional blogger together with!

Successful dating

So, our social network was created especially for you. We are developing every day, improving ourselves and pacing with the times. Yes, maybe yet we are not too big, but now you can become a part of our team, the team that has amazing potential. In a little while (maybe in couple of months or even a year) our network will unite several millions of users, therefore the easier you register, the more popular and famous you can become in our social network. Be a person, whose life is followed by thousands of people! You really have this opportunity right now, so don’t miss your lucky chance! social network — is cohesive and really friendly team where no trolling can take place. Here you can find your love, interesting friends, creative personalities and colleagues which can help you to create new business. Stay with us and you will always be on the wave of progress!
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