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19:07:01 13/05/2021Gsleak Andrepair
Ready to install New light niches

If you’re ready to install new light niches, then Gold Star Leak and Repair LLC is always ready to help you. While swimming in the sunshine is a great pleasure, nothing beats when you take a dip in your pool in the evening after a hard day’s work. If you've installed lights in your swimming pool, darkness will never destroy your aquatic fun. The main thing is to decide which type of underwater pool lighting will suit you. Today, affordable halogens have become a popular staple of swimming pool lights for many years due to their versatility. These inexpensive fixtures will work and compatible with any type of pool. On the other hand, LED pool lights continue to gain in popularity due to their bright output, reasonable cost, and long life span. It consumes less energy than the halogen variety while lasting up to several years. So if you ever need to install any type of new light niches, you can directly come to us. 

19:05:11 13/05/2021Gsleak Andrepair
Install New Polaris Lines by experienced

If you want to install new Polaris lines by an experienced technician, then Gold Star Leak and Repair LLC is the perfect place to take service. We specialize in providing installation of new Polaris lines with excellent customer service, equipment upgrades, and repairs, and maintenance packages. Let our professionals handle all your needs. From installation service and maintenance to cleanings to equipment repair and more, we can provide you all. Our trained and deeply knowledgeable service technicians are always ready to care for your pool as if it were their own. Our service department is certified and licensed in completing their job. We can easily handle most of your pool & spa problems and providing repairing service related to equipment. Our maintenance department will always keep your pool looking good with proper pool cleaning and water balancing. You’ll get an experienced and superior customer service who always willing and happy to help you. 

19:04:14 13/05/2021Gsleak Andrepair
Specialists in replace waterfall lines

As specialists in any type of replacement, Gold Star Leak and Repair LLC can easily replace your waterfall lines without making any damage to either your home or any pool system. You will never have to take stress about your waterfall lines again. If we ever identify that it needs to be addressed, we report it to you immediately. We think that your health and wellbeing are our first priority. We understand that there is a need for more attention to proper Pool Maintenance than most people realize. That is why all of our techs are certified and well trained. With the help of advanced training, our highly trained pool cleaners can keep your pool water sparkling clean and safe to swim in. All of our employees are trained regularly to provide the highest quality work in the industry. We also do regular checks of our client’s pool to make sure that they can feel safe having beat-rated service. 

When renovating a bathroom, replace the auto-fills services are required: you need a tradesman who can handle your tiling needs, one who can install your new bathroom tub, sink and taps, one who will paint the walls, one who can replace your entire plumbing system, etc. If you have decided to replace your old pipes with quality pipes designed to last a lifetime, seeking the professional replace waterfall lines of an experienced Plumber in may turn out to be a good idea. 

19:02:12 13/05/2021Gsleak Andrepair
Replace the auto-fills at a reasonable price

At Gold Star Leak and Repair LLC, we replace the auto-fills at a reasonable price. As a pool owner, do you still fill your pool up every couple of days? There are many things that we can do to make your job easier and faster by adding an auto-fill which is one of them. We know many pool owners dragging out the house; have to sit around waiting for it to fill up due to lack of facility and knowledge. But if you install an auto-fills facility, it will save your time and prevent your water level from getting too low. You will not have to worry about your water levels when you aren’t around and are very cheap to install. But there is a situation that comes when you have to replace it due to not working properly. It will make your enjoyment into stress condition. That’s why Gold Star Leak and Repair LLC is expert in both the service; we will replace your auto-fills system very easily at a reasonable price without any damage. 

Plumbing standards and codes are pretty complex as every commercial and residential building has a unique and complicated blue print design of repair cracks. There remains a whole system of water pipelines, drain lines and waste line wrapped with each other in a complex format. If one wants to track down exactly where the plumbing problem is then it is essential that one knows how to read that blue print and the only person who can read it is the one who has taken a formal training for plumbing and possess technical expertise to find and fix plumbing problems.

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